Best Contemporary Fireplace Screens

Best Contemporary Fireplace Screens

Don’t you just hate it when hot embers suddenly fly out of your fireplace and scatter in your living room? Aside from leaving your place messy, it can also be dangerous to small pets and children. That is the reason why you need the best contemporary fireplace screens for your home.

Most people think that modern and contemporary screens are similar to each other. Well, if you look at the dictionary, you will discover that their definition is almost the same. However, both themes actually differ from each other.

When you say modern, you are actually referring to the “middle century modern” concept that is known for its clean and natural look.

The contemporary, meanwhile, refers to design concepts that are popular right now. Unlike the former concept, it is not just minimalist or plain in nature. It can have striking colors and graphics, depending on what’s currently hip.

The short list below features some of the most beautiful and functional contemporary screens that you can get for your fireplace.

  1. Panacea Products 15914 3-Panel Oak Leaf Fire Screen

This beautiful living room accessory features a simple and clean canvas that is decorated with an oak leaf design at the lower front. The leaves stick out a little bit from the surface, giving it a beautiful 3D effect. Its durable steel frames are further reinforced with a sleek brown powder coat finish to make it resistant to rust and corrosion.

This screen has a 3-fold design for hassle-free storage and portability. Its surface is covered with heat-resistant wire mesh. It is semi-transparent so you can still see the beautiful, dancing flames of your hearth. The fire screen measures 2 x 27.7 x 32.2 inches. Despite its large frame, it is actually easy to move around because it only weighs 13 pounds.

  1. Pleasant Hearth Preston Fireplace Cover

The sharp lines decorating this hearth accessory makes it ideal for homes with a more minimalist vibe. Pleasant Hearth’s Screen Cover is made from tough steel. The frames have a vintage iron finish to keep it protected from rust while giving it a stylish feel at the same time. Its black and grey shade also makes it unobtrusive and easy to set up in any kind of living room.

To moderate the heat emanating from the hearth and keeping hot embers at bay, its surface is lined with a steel mesh. It won’t entirely cover your hearth, so you can still see the relaxing glow of the burning logs.

This accessory measures 52 x 0.5 x 31 inches and weighs 14.3 pounds.

  1. Deco 79 Metal Fire Screen

Out of the best contemporary fireplace screen mentioned in this list, the Deco 79 is definitely the most flamboyant. The intricate grilled design, the bright orange metallic circles – this accessory will surely stand out in your living room. As the light of the burning logs hit the screen, it will emanate a dazzling glow that will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your living room.

But aside from adding a relaxing vibe, this product is also functional. Its steel frame is sturdy to ensure that small pets or kids cannot go near the hearth. Its three-fold design swivels on both sides, letting you to adjust its width based on your fireplace.

It measures 55 x 34 x 1 inches and weighs 16.8 pounds.

  1. Deco 79 Metal Fireplace Cover

This is another decorative piece from Deco 79. But unlike the previous product with a bombastic design, this cover has a toned-down look. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t add aesthetic beauty to your living room.

The frames are coated with a golden finish to give it a more elegant and luxurious glow. The abstract, quatrefoil pattern is soft and relaxing to look at. Its surface, meanwhile, is lined with a thick metal mesh to keep ashes away from your living room.

Thanks to its sturdy base, you can be sure that the accessory is easy to install on your hearth. You can easily cover your fireplace thanks to its 3-fold swivel construction.

This accessory measures 50 x 35 x 0.5 inches and weighs 18.7 pounds.

  1. Minuteman International X800410 Black Screen

If your living room is already stylish enough, the best contemporary fireplace screen for your home is something that is simple but functional. Minuteman International features a fireplace cover that meets both criteria. The vast blank surface lined with steel mesh lets you enjoy the beauty of your hearth.

Its steel frame is covered with a black finish that simply screams majestic. Its design is not too flamboyant, so you can easily install it in your living room.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best screens to grab if you are into contemporary living room furniture. Not only will these products add beauty to your home, but will also make your fireplace safe.

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