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The words mantle and mantel have different meanings. The former is a piece of garment worn by women, while the latter is a hood to catch the smoke coming out of the fireplace.

In the past, the fireplace mantel is the most artistic thing in any living room. If you have a chimneypiece with intricate designs and made from fine wood, it means that you have a high status in society.

Even though the sophisticated mantelpiece is slowly fading due to smaller heating units, it does not mean that you cannot find one that will suit your home. Most electric fireplaces now come with mantels with a modern design. Not only can these units provide supplemental heat, but they can also add style to any home. Below is a list of the top modern furnace mantel package that you can buy on the market!

  1. Sicilian Harvest Furnace – Ivory

The thing that you will notice most about the Sicilian Harvest Electrical Heater is its pristine, white mantel. This unit is ideal for homes with a minimalist interior design. To add a cozy ambience, the firebox produces realistic, flickering flames and replica firewood sitting on a glowing ember bed. The effects can be turned on with or without heat.

This unit can heat your from 62 to 82 degrees. To adjust the thermostat with ease, you can use the remote control included in the set. The flame effects can also be tweaked using the remote. Aside from heating your living room, the unit can be used as a television stand. It can accommodate a 42” TV.

For safety measures, the fireplace automatically shuts itself off once the room already achieves the right temperature. Furthermore, the firebox is protected by durable locks and glass that stays cool to the touch.

  1. Real Flame Chateau Fireplace in Dark Walnut

If you already have an existing firebox, then you can use the Real Flame Fireplace Mantel to add a stylish vibe to your living room. This unit is perfect for the Real Flame #4099 firebox. It is made from durable wood that is reinforced with veneered MDF. The chateau mantel is designed with clean, straight lines and a dark walnut finish.

  1. XtremepowerUS Large Room Grand 3D Flame Furnace with Mantel Cabinet Espresso

Bigger rooms require larger fireplaces to achieve the desired temperature. The XtremepowerUS is specially designed to provide supplemental warmth to a large living room while adding style at the same time. The combination of a durable wooden frame and stone lining gives the fireplace a classic look.

The espresso coating also adds a more masculine appeal. The heater can produce up to 5100 BTU which is enough for medium to large living rooms. The set comes with a remote control and fireplace insert.

  1. ClassicFlame Gossamer Wall Fireplace Mantel, Antique Ivory

ClassicFlame tries to bring back the good old days when the fireplace mantel was the best living room accessory with this classic chimneypiece. Thankfully, they successfully achieved their goal thanks to the antique ivory finish and well-crafted columns.

Even modern-looking living rooms will surely look stunning with this mantel. The unit is made from rosette molding and plaster columns. To make it more stylish, it also has a plinth base. You can easily attach it to your ClassicFlame firebox using a Philips screwdriver.

  1. SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace, Espresso

Thanks to its huge size, the SEI Cartwright can be used as a console stand for your 43.5” flat panel television. Its mantel is made from durable wood that is protected with a layer of rich espresso finish. It is also decorated with textured bricks to give it a more classic vibe.

The fireplace insert produces multicolored flames and glowing logs. These effects can still work, even if you do not activate the heating device.

This fireplace can provide supplemental heat in a 400 square feet range. Once the desired temperature is achieved, it can automatically deactivate to avoid overheating. The remote control is also protected through a child-safety lock to avoid little kids from suddenly turning on the heater. The glass covering the firebox stays cool to the touch. Even though the flames look realistic, you can be sure that pets or kids won’t get hurt if they went near the fireplace.

  1. SEI Tennyson Electric Fireplace Bookcases, Espresso

Aside from a stylish wooden mantel, this fireplace also has shelves where you can store books, electronic gadgets, gaming consoles, discs, or small living room ornaments. In addition, the mantel is also big enough to support a 68” flat screen TV and up to 85 pounds of weight.

This unit has decorated columns and a vivid, espresso finish suited to complement the beauty of traditional houses.

The firebox, meanwhile, can produce 62 – 82 degrees of heat and you can adjust it in 4 intervals.

These are just some of the best fireplace mantel packages that you can buy? What’s your favorite? Shout out in the comments!

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