The Best Electric Fireplace Under $300

If you are looking for the best electric fireplace under $300, you’d be wise to pick the Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace. It is an aesthetically-pleasing electrical fireplace with a width of 50 inches. It delivers realistic flames and its contemporary frame will make a wonderful addition to your family room, living room, or any room in your house.

Touchstone 50 Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review


  • Beautiful glass frame.
  • Comes with the manufacturer’s (Touchstone) proprietary heat override switch, so you can recess-mount it without any worries.
  • Includes a mounting bracket for effortless level wall mounting.
  • Has a 1500 watt/5100 BTU heater with two settings.
  • Its 2 settings for heating can sufficiently warm a room up to a size of 400 square feet.

Flame Effects

Onyx 50” Black Electric Fireplace Review 2

People using the Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace never complained about the flame and fire appearance. The flames can be seen with or without using the heating function. There are 5 flame levels that range from subtle embers to a crackling fire. These levels can also be decreased or increased by the remote.

Energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights generate the flames. When changing bulbs, you can access the bottom. The logs’ foreground is fixed and may not be altered. This is different from other electric fireplaces wherein the sand’s color, the rocks, or logs can be changed.

Heater Functions

The Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Safety, like most electric fireplaces, is best considered a supplementary heat source. Thus, you should manage your expectations.

The unit is rated to meet the requirements of a 400 square foot space. The unit also produces 5,118 BTUs, 11-and-up Amperes, and 1500 watts, which is standard in a conventional electric fireplace.

Instead of a thermostat setting, the unit has two settings – high (1500 watts) and low (750 watts). The fireplace can be operated continuously on those levels.


As with any other electric product, you should take precautions. Do not try to lift the unit by yourself from the glass front. If you have to move the unit, have someone to help you with it.

As a failsafe measure, the electric fireplace has a heat shutoff (automatic). The front glass also does not get too hot, so it is pet- and kid-safe. The electric fireplace can be operated plug-and-play from a 120-V outlet. It’s also advisable not to run many lights or appliances from the same outlet as you could risk blowing a fuse or tripping a breaker.


Pros and Cons


  • It’s a fashion-forward, contemporary, and stylish focal point.
  • It has outstanding flame effects that can be adjustable to 5 levels.
  • Touchstone, the manufacturer, offers a 1-year warranty.
  • The product comes in three colors: white, mirror, and black.


  • As it is heavy at 46 lbs., it needs to be securely mounted.
  • Even though the heating function is sufficient, it’s not outstanding.

Customers’ Reviews

Most customers managed to give the Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace a 5-star rating on Amazon. Thus, it is indeed the best electric fireplace under $300.

One customer was hesitant at first to purchase the electric fireplace. However, after watching videos on YouTube and reading reviews, the customer was convinced. The flames are realistic and stunning, and the customer can use the product every day – with or without heat.

A second customer bought the electric fireplace for his bedroom and uses it nightly. Even his wife has grown to love it after initially ridiculing it. The flames are realistic and he likes the 5 various settings. For an electric fireplace that costs almost $300, this customer thinks it’s worth it.

A third customer is also highly satisfied with the product because it gives off sufficient heat and it looks great. This customer found a way to deal with the heat that vents upward. The customer just provided it with a hood that leads the heat out of the room. This way, the room does not overheat.

While most customers rated the Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace highly, not all customers share the sentiment. This customer, although she thought the electric fireplace looked good, said that the unit did not provide usable heat. However, the electric fireplace should be thought of more as a supplement rather than the primary heat provider.


Costing $298.00 on Amazon, this electric fireplace is a sweet deal and provides excellent value compared to other fireplaces in its class.

If you want an electric fireplace that is wall-mounted and large, the Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is great for any space in your home. It is an excellent way to create an attractive focal point, and it packs a great combination of a reasonable price and excellent features.

If you want a cozy ambiance, the electric fireplace can provide you with soothing mood. This unit is great for any blank wall in your house, maybe a library or a den. Your bedroom would also look stunning with this addition. Plus, its contemporary design can match any interior setting.

The Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is the best electric fireplace under $300 because it looks good and it provides excellent value.

Check it out on Amazon here.

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