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If you are collecting firewood for the coming winter, it’s ideal to store them indoors for accessibility and to protect them from the elements. However, if your indoor space is quite limited and you have no choice but to place it outdoors, don’t fret.

With the help of the best outdoor firewood rack, you can store your logs outside without fearing that they will get wet or damaged. However, choosing one that is durable, easy to maintain and with aesthetic features can be a challenge. With so many available designs on the market, it’s hard to tell which is the best one.

This short article filtered the top outdoor fire log bins from the bad ones to make it easier for you to pick the one you really need.

  1. Landmann 82433 8ft. Firewood Log Rack

Measuring 49 x 13.5 x 95.5 inches, this rack is especially made for storing large piles of firewood. It can save you from the hassles of repeatedly chopping new ones.

Its base is slightly elevated so the firewood is off the ground. This will prevent the logs from becoming damp or being infested with bugs.

The rack is made from heavy duty and weatherproof tubular steel. Even if you pile up a lot of logs, it can support them all because of its large size. You can also purchase a cover for this rack to provide complete protection to your firewood.

  1. ShelterLogic Backyard Storage Series Covered Firewood Bin

This rack features a two-way polyester cover, which you can adjust depending on how high your fire log stack is. With dimensions measuring 15.5 x 49.7 x 46.6 inches, it can hold up to a quarter cord of wood. Similar to the first rack, it also features an elevated design to protect the logs from bugs, mildew, and mold growth. That way, you can expect them to burn quickly once you place them on the hearth.

Because of its wide base, this rack is stable and easy to move around. You can place it in your front port or outdoor garden shed.

  1. The Woodhaven 5ft Firewood Log Rack with Cover

If you do not usually chop a lot of firewood, you don’t have to get an extremely large rack. The Woodhaven fire log bin only measures 48 x 14 x 60 inches, making it ideal for homes with limited garden area. In addition, assembling it is also simple.

This fire log bin features durable steel construction with a black, powder coated finish to protect it against the elements. To keep the firewood completely safe outdoors, it comes with its own durable cover. The good thing about the vinyl cover is that it still keeps the wood blocks aerated so that they are easier to burn when you need them. It is also adjustable depending on the height of your stack. The Velcro straps, meanwhile, provide easy access when you need to take out some wooden logs.

  1. HIO Heavy Duty Firewood Rack 3ft

If the Woodhaven 5ft rack is still too big for your porch, then grab this 3ft bin from HIO instead. Don’t be fooled by its miniature design because the frame is made from high grade steel pipes. For superb stability, it is also reinforced with an I-beam.

Despite its small frame, it can still hold up to 1/8 cord of wooden logs, thanks to its durable and stable build. In fact, it can even hold its ground during a snowstorm.

The rack also features state-of-the-art electrophoretic paint, which is resistant to rust and chipping.

The tube lining is 1.2mm thick and 30mm wide, making it sturdier compared to the typical racks you see on the market. Thanks to its unique design, you can also use this product indoors to add style to your hearth. This is definitely one of the best outdoor firewood rack that combines both durability and portability.

  1. Landmann 82443 Firewood Bin with Cover

The Classic Accessories Ravenna is a heavy duty firewood bin, which boasts of a durable cover, steel construction and sturdy support legs. The 16 gauge tubular steel is heavy but easy to assemble. The entire frame is protected with a black powder coat to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. With a measurement of 95.5 x 13.5 x 48 inches, it can hold up to 2/3 cord of wooden logs. Thanks to the four extra support legs, you have an assurance that the entire frame will not crumble, even if it is fully loaded. This set also comes with a PVC cover to protect your logs from the harsh, outdoor elements.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best outdoor firewood rack is not an easy job. However, you need to be picky with your purchase so that your logs will stay safe from bugs and mildew when placed outdoors. Join the discussion in the comments section if you have tried any of the products mentioned above.

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