The 5 Best TV Stand Electric Fireplace

More people are now ditching their traditional fireplaces in favor of the more convenient and safer electric fireplaces. Who wouldn’t want the same aesthetic appeal and heat of wood-fueled fireplace in an easy-to-install appliance that doubles as a TV stand?

Nowadays, functionality is as important as design and reliability. People want to get more than what they pay for, and that is exactly why TV stand electric fireplaces are becoming a hit in modern and traditional households. Now, there is no reason not to enjoy TV and movie marathons during cold winter days.

Which are the ones that you have to consider this year? Here is a rundown of the Top 5 best TV stand electric fireplaces for 2016.

  1. Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace

    Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace2

Hands down, this is the best pick for a TV stand electric fireplace for 2016. It ticks all the boxes of a great find, and you definitely need to get your hands on this amazing furniture and appliance while stocks are not yet running out.

It is sold for a little over $400, and although it looks small, it can hold up to 135 pounds or a 70-inch TV. The remote control can adjust the thermostat up to six levels and the glass panel’s brightness up to four levels. The black hardwood laminated design makes it a perfect addition to any home that badly needs sophistication. What’s really impressive with this electric fireplace though is its 1,500-watt heater with LED lights that last up to six years of non-stop use. It is perfect for rooms up to 400 square feet.

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  1. Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Fireplace

    Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Fireplace

What makes this product the second top pick for 2016 is its elegant design, its incredibly low price, and most importantly, its reliable heat.

Who would have thought that this piece of amazing contraption is only sold for less than $315? It is an outright bargain even in the standards of cheap brands.

This compact electric fireplace boasts of 10 heat levels and three fire brightness settings to match the mood and temperature in the house. It comes with a 4,600 BTU fan to keep heat dispersal constant and equally distributed. Although it belongs to the low-range group, it is still able to cover up to 400 square feet of floor area as it runs with a 1,350-watt heater with thermostat that can be accessed from the 24-inch LCD back-lit panel.

Anyone can easily install this as it is readily assembled, with only some screws to be locked in place. The red wine merlot finish will complement any home, so you can expect a conversation piece resting by the wall.

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  1. Real Flame 7720E Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

    Real Flame 7720E Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

This is the product for you if you are looking for heat, sufficient shelf space, and sturdy TV stand all in one package.

It offers convenience and reliability as all of the settings can be accessed through the remote control. It offers adjustable thermostat in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, which can last for up to eight hours. The fire brightness has five settings while the heat is dispersed by a noise-cancelled fan. Although this electric fireplace can also efficiently cover 400 square feet, the glass panel is unbelievably cool to touch, so children and adults can work and play in front of it without any worries of getting burned.

The primary material is made from powder-coated steel in a shade of dark espresso, while the medium-density fiberboard is made from hard wood veneer. This is strong enough to hold up to 100 pounds of TV set, plus the shelves can also accommodate other entertainment appliances and collections, such as CDs, books, and toys.

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  1. Dwyer 57” TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

    Dwyer 57 TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

This pecan-burnished traditional electric fireplace could have been the top pick for 2016 if not for its $650 price tag and its insufficient thermostat and flame brightness settings. Nevertheless, when it comes to heating, this one is definitely a serious contender.

Although this TV stand electric fireplace only has two heat and brightness settings, its maximum heat can still efficiently cover 400 square feet, thanks to its 1,400 heat bulbs. This is also very convenient to use as it comes with a versatile remote control with touchpad that can work anywhere within that range. This Dwyer electric fireplace does not have a thermostat timer, which is a real shame since it gets the job done. However, it comes with a real-time self-regulating control to keep the temperature automatically adjusted for what is right for you.

The bright firebox is 25 inches, which is larger than average, while the TV stand can hold LCD and LED TVs up to 56 inches.

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  1. SEI AMZ8839E Kendall Electric Media Fireplace

    SEI AMZ8839E Kendall Electric Media Fireplace

This elegant TV stand electric fireplace in classic mahogany finish does not have anything fancy about its features. In fact, it does not have any outstanding special features to begin with. The pine and ash wood material as well as the glass and metal medium-density fiberboard are strong, but they can only hold a maximum weight of 75 pounds, equivalent to a 50-inch TV. There are not much thermostat and brightness levels to choose from, and the floor area it covers is only 200 square feet, half of what the others cover. So why is it on this list?

First, it is manufactured by a trusted company—Southern Enterprises—which is known for its long-lasting electric fireplaces. Second, the maximum heat can handle the coldest winter nights, thanks to its 1,500-watt heater. Lastly, it is energy efficient, so it actually consumes lower than indicated.

This is the perfect choice for bedrooms since the glass panel remains cool to touch even when in maximum heat level.

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