Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2017

Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2017

Wall-mounted fireplaces are the way to go if you want an electric fireplace that will match your modern home while conserving on floor space. When choosing one, you also need to consider if they are sturdy enough to withstand being mounted against a wall. Generally, they will come with metal brackets.

Prior to purchasing one, other things you should consider are: 1) Installation: Will you need a technician or handyman to install? Will you want the unit installed as is or recessed into the wall? 2) Intended Room Heating Capacity: Is the unit suitable for heating large spaces and as main heat source? Or is it intended as an additional heat source only? 3) Style vs Function: Will this fireplace’ design fit the overall look of your home while still being a consistent source of heat?

Taking all those points into consideration, read on below and know more about the top five wall-mounted electric fireplaces this year:

  1. Best Choice Products Large 1500W Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount & Free Standing Fireplace Heater with Glass XL

The Best Choice Products SKY1643 electric fireplace is a 2-in-1 device. Depending on your preference, you can set it up as a large 1500 Watts Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount or as a Free-Standing Fireplace Heater with a glass panel.

Either way, it works the same way. It generates heat in two settings: Low Heat 750W and High Heat 1500W. The unit includes a remote control where you can change the flame display, adjust the thermostat and turn on/off the device. Its glass panel is detachable and relatively easy to clean. The fireplace sports a black border and includes real pebbles inside the glass compartment, which lights up when you turn the unit on.

This Best Choice Products’ wall-mount fireplace is one of the most-reviewed and one of the top 3 portable fireplaces in

  1. Warm House VWWF-10306 Valencia Widescreen Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Warm House’s Valencia VWWF-10306 model electric fireplace is a widescreen wall-mounted fireplace, making it both decorative and functional. This electric fireplace is 50.4 inches long so you could place it directly atop the wall near your couch for example.

The Valencia Widescreen Wall-Mounted fireplace has dual flame settings and can generate between 2500 BTU to 500 BTU. The flame display screen is covered by a glass panel and inside it are faux logwood accents. It comes with a remote control and safety features like auto-overheat shut-off and adjustable timer.

  1. ClassicFlame 47II100GRG Felicity 47″ Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace

ClassicFlame’s Felicity (model 47II100GRG) electric fireplace is another 2-in-1 fireplace. However, it works and looks best as a wall-hanging electric fireplace. It is 47 inches in length, with a black glass frame, and has customizable accent types (fire glass, driftwood, or rocks). The unit is relatively easy to install and will come with metal brackets for trouble-free wall-mounting.

ClassicFlame’s Felicity Electric Fireplace is powered by an infrared quartz heater that can generate up to 5,200 BTU enough to heat up a 1000 square feet room. But the manufacturer advises customers to use the unit as an additional heat source.

It comes with a remote control where you can choose between different flame colors and temperature gradients. It is a really elegant piece of appliance fitting most contemporary homes.

  1. Muskoka’s Urbana 35″ Curved Wall Mount Electric Fireplace w/ LED Flame Effect

Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces aren’t meant to be used as a primary heat source since they lack the heating capacity. But on their own, they can do a decent job in heating up a single room or part of a house. The Urbana 35-inch Electric Fireplace is one of such faux fireplace. On top of that, it has a curved panel design with black glass frame. It also sports LED flame effects where you can choose between 3 colors (orange, blue, red). You can choose between three types of ember beds (logs, stones, or crystals).

It generates up to 4777 BTU/hr, enough to heat up a 400 square feet room. The heat is spread by blower fans. Its safety feature includes a built-in timer, auto-shut off mechanism, and has side lights that you can turn on/off. You may need the help of another person when screwing the fireplace to the wall.

  1. Gibson Living Soho 35 Inch Pebble Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Gibson Living’s Soho 35” Curved Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is another elegant fireplace where you can choose between two different ember beds (pebbles or traditional logs). As with most wall-mounted electric fireplaces, it is encased by a black glass frame and can be operated with or without heat.

It is powered by coil heaters that can generate up to 5200 BTUs. Heat is circulated with the use of high power blower fans. The timer, heat, and flame display settings can be adjusted using either the manual switches or the remote control.

If you want a mid-range electric fireplace that is both an elegant and useful addition to your home, then the Gibson Living Soho 35 Inch Pebble Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace is your best bet.