Slim Electric Fireplace Recommendations

Slim Electric Fireplace Recommendations

Electric fireplaces are all the rage today. Although the traditional fireplace still holds a distinguished position in households, with many people becoming more conscious of how they are affecting their environment and how much they spend whenever they use their old fireplaces, these have led people to purchase electric heaters instead.

There is also another benefit in using electric fireplaces over traditional ones, and that is the fact that electric fireplaces do a better and faster job of heating up rooms than the traditional ones. The task that usually takes thirty to forty five minutes for a traditional fireplace to accomplish is usually done after four to five minutes thanks to its electric counterpart. Also, it is also worth mentioning that electric fireplaces obviously do not require you to chop wood or purchase coal so that you will have something to burn in your fireplace.

There are electric fireplaces which exceed the expectations of both regular consumers and true critics in the field of technology. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also those who have not had the technological advancement which would make them as competitive in the market as the others. When you choose a slim electric fireplace for your home, keep these recommendations in mind to make sure that you are really getting the best quality from the money that you are willing to pay for.

When you are selecting an electric fireplace for your home, a good recommendation is to go for a brand that offers the most efficient and effective method of room heating. There are many different types of heaters in the market which advertise that they are the best, when in fact they are not. A good heater will typically produce up to 5,000 Btu of heat, and that is definitely a lot of heat.

A good recommendation is also for you to search for a particular electric fireplace that has specific heating settings. There are many heaters out there that offer the standard low, high, or no heat options, while there are also others which get more specific. These give you more flexibility and allow you to modify the temperature to a level which you are comfortable with.

If you compare old fireplaces to modern heaters, a great thing about the latter is that there is a smaller chance for you to get a burn if you get near a heater. However, this does not mean that it is entirely impossible, since there are still many heaters that do not have a cooling safety feature. You should look for heaters which have cooling technology. By cooling technology, we mean of course that a good heater should be sensitive to human touch and should not burn skin when it is touched. Not a lot of heaters have this feature, so make sure you talk to a customer service representative in order to check for this feature.

You should also be wary of heater design. There are big, bulky, and just generally difficult heaters, and then there are those which are sleek and very convenient. Before deciding to buy a small heater over a large one, or a large heater over a small one, consider first what you need. Typically, the recommended size is roughly equivalent to a unit which can easily warm up a fur hundred square foot room by ten degrees within five minutes. Weight and dimensions are very significant factors because not only does size affect performance, but it also affects your way of living, since big appliances can obviously hinder you from making better use of your home’s space.

Installation is also something to be considered. It is recommended that for slim electric fireplaces, you should opt for units which do not require big changes to your home to accommodate them. This is easy enough since slim heaters are by definition slim anyway, and can easily fit into any space.

Another thing you should consider is the warranty. As with any other type of household appliance, your heater should also come with its own warranty. This will ensure that should there be any problems with the unit when you use it, you have a guarantee that it can either be replaced or fixed without paying a single cent. A good recommendation would be to check for heaters with at least a one year warranty.

Electric fireplaces are just the same as traditional fireplaces in a sense that they both aim to provide warmth and comfort. However, slim electric heaters are more advantageous since they offer heat when you need it, and in a much faster time than traditional ones. They also take less space, and they take up less energy and effort to maintain. If you are looking to purchase a slim electric heater in the near future, keep in mind the recommendations that have been provided in this article, and above the design and capacity requirements, choose a unit that fits your needs.

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