The Best Fireplace Log Holder

5 of the Best Fireplace Log Holder

The best fireplace log holder should do more than just hold logs. It should also add to the overall ambience and appeal of the room. Of course, there’s also the issue of size and log capacity – both of which depend on how often you use your log holder and the dimension of the logs. How do you find the best fireplace log holder? Start with the ones that are ranked well in the market today. Here are 5 of the best received holders today to get you started:

Sunnydaze 2 Foot Designer Log Holder

Measuring 24 by 18.25 by 14 inches, this product has a 4-star rating in the market today. Made from coated steel, the black coloring is elegant and allows for easy blending in most homes. It weighs roughly 10 pounds, giving that much needed stability when holding lots of wood for fireplace. Upon delivery, however, the Sunnydaze is not assembled, so you need to build it as per instructions that come with the product.

It holds enough wood to get a decent blaze going, so you will never have to get more from the outdoors. What really makes this unit distinctive is the design along the side, showcasing slim and elegant curves. To top it off, the product is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Minuteman International LCR-07 Country Wood Holder with Tools

This particular model is graphite powder coated with a solid construction and additional parts designed to make it an all-in-one fixture near the fireplace. Aside from the log holder, it comes with hooks to hang your tools and of course, ready tools to go with the log holder. At the bottom of the crate there’s a rack for newspapers, so you’ll have sufficient kindling to keep the fire alive or get it started. The tools that come with the model include a poker, fireplace tongs, a dustpan and a mop – basically everything you’ll need to enjoy a nice fire at night.

The log holder itself measures 23 inches by 11.5 inches by 30 inches. As expected, the comprehensive packaging means that the unit is a bit more expensive than most. The fact that it lets you have a fully coordinated fireplace set is definitely a plus.

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

Beautifully simple, Landmann is a familiar name when it comes to fireplace equipment. This particular log rack is built for frequent use, extending up to 8 feet so you can stock as much wood as possible. With a measurement of 96 by 48 inches, it’s meant to fit on the porch and provide as much storage space as possible for fireplace wood. This is the kind of log holder you’d want if you’re looking to use the fireplace for a long time without having to restock.

Made of tubular steel, the unit comes with all the items you’ll need to assemble it out of the box. It’s a rack-only design though, so don’t expect any hooks where you can hang your fireplace tongs, brushes and dustpan. On the plus side, it comes with an unobtrusive design and if you’re looking for a log holder, which works beautifully, this is the one for you.

Panacea 15919 Log Bin with Scrolls in Brushed Bronze

Just from the name, you can tell that this model is one of those elegant log holders that you purchase not just for its function but also for its design. Coated with brushed bronze with an elegant curving bottom and leaf-like curls on the top, this particular log holder is a show piece. Measuring 18 by 14 by 14.5 inches, it’s big enough to hold decent amount of logs – enough to keep you warm for two session of fireplace use. What’s great about this model, however, is that it weighs just 0.2 ounces so you can actually move it around easily enough. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with hooks for hanging your fireplace tongs and brushed so you’ll need something different for that.

Pleasant Hearth – ½ inch Solid Steel Fireplace Grates

Solid and functional, this log holder has a mesh-like steel design on the bottom, so there is sufficient room for air circulation, keeping the logs dry and free of bugs. It’s a unique design considering how there are just curving steel bars, instead of an actual steel wall to keep the logs stacked. If you’re looking for something original, this is it.

Why Choose the Best Fireplace Log Holder?

So why is it exactly necessary to be picky with your log holders? Aesthetics is just one of the reasons for finding the best fireplace log holder. The fact is that having one of these in your home is often safer, ensuring that the logs are not all over the place. By having a specific holder, you’re also in the position to check and assess your log supply constantly, allowing you to replenish the same as soon as possible. By keeping the wood away from the floor, you can also prevent them from getting damp or being prey to all kinds of wood-eating bugs.

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