Corner Electric Fireplace: A Simple Buyer’s Guide

Corner Electric Fireplace: A Simple Buyer’s Guide

Electric fireplaces are becoming very popular these days. Carrying some distinct advantages over traditional fireplaces powered by gas or wood, they are known to be more versatile, more energy efficient, and less expensive to maintain and operate. They are also known to be found in all kinds of configurations. One of the most popular forms of it is the corner electric fireplace. What are the things you should know when shopping for one? Here is a simplified guide on how you can get the corner fireplace that’s ideal for your needs.

First, it will be worth it to talk about why getting a corner electric fireplace actually makes sense. Surprisingly, going for a corner configuration actually works for a lot of settings. Experts would say that installing one of these is best done when you’ll be using a fireplace in a small room. After all, when you are trying to get the most out of available floor space, having the fireplace located conveniently on the corner of your room will help you on that regard. Having a corner fireplace also makes sense in a number of interior design configurations. Last but not least, these fireplaces require little to no modifications or special techniques to install.

There are a number of advantages associated with getting a corner electric fireplace. Assuming that you’ve already set your eyes to getting one, the next step is figuring out how you can get the ideal unit for your needs. When shopping for a corner fireplace (or any type of fireplace for that matter), here are some of the things that you must take note.

  1. Dimensions– The room’s dimensions is an important consideration when narrowing down your choices. After all, it is difficult to get a fireplace that has ill-fitting dimensions, unless you are willing to make some extensive modifications in your interior design. As such, one of the first steps in shopping for fireplaces is taking measurements, especially in the area where you’ll want to place it. The measurements you will get will serve as a rough guide on the ideal electric fireplace size for your room.
  2. Heating power– The amount of heating power an electric fireplace can create is arguably the most important factor that will affect your selection process. Measured using units such as BTU, heating power measures how much heat the fireplace can produce, especially when using full power. A high-powered fireplace can cover larger rooms and can heat up rooms quicker. However, they generally consume more power, resulting to higher power bills. As a rule of thumb, the larger the room, the more powerful your electric fireplace must be.
  3. Features– Another thing you should consider when shopping for a corner electric fireplace would be its available features. One of the most important features any fireplace should have is a thermostat. With its help, you can preset the temperature you want in the room. Aside from determining how much heat you want, it can also help control your fireplace’s energy consumption. Another interesting feature of today’s electric fireplace is a no-heat feature. With this feature, the fireplace can create light without generating heat, making it ideal for use during warm days.
  4. Safety– One of the biggest fears of any fireplace user is the potential of it causing safety issues such as electrical failures or fires. Because of this, checking safety features should be among your top priorities when shopping for a corner electric fireplace. Auto-shutdown features such as when the fireplace is tipped or become overheated can potentially save you from a lot of trouble. Also, there are some fireplaces that have child safety features in them. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you install a dedicated circuit breaker for your fireplace.
  5. Performance– Ultimately, it is the performance of your fireplace that will determine if you made the right purchase. While there’s basically no way for you to predict how your brand new electric fireplace will perform long-term, one good way to predict the product’s quality is by reading reviews. Mostly made by people who have firsthand experience in owning the item, these reviews tell the different strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. Reading reviews will help you a lot in finding the right corner fireplace for your needs. Just make sure to read professionally made reviews so you can get the most accurate insights.

Getting an electric fireplace can prove to be a handy upgrade for any home. It can provide much-needed heat during cold days while providing attractive lighting to spice up the ambiance in any room. Getting the right corner electric fireplace for your room is the first step to enjoying its many benefits. Use the tips shared here to find the device that’s right for you and get the most out of your money.

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