10 Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

A lot of people are now converting to electric fireplaces as they are more practical and more convenient. It cannot be helped, though if you have a lot of questions when it comes to their efficiency and reliability—it is hard to break traditions.

However, you definitely have come to the right place if you are looking for reasons to shift to an electric fireplace. What are its benefits? Here are 10 of them.


  1. Lower installation cost

You get to save thousands of dollars by choosing an electric fireplace over the traditional gas and wood fireplace. Portable electric fireplaces can be bought for less than $300 while the larger ones that can be used as main heat source range from $800 to $3,000. This is a far lower price range compared to what a traditional fireplace can cost you, which usually starts at $2,000 but has an average price of $2,500 to $5,000. You might have to spend as high as $7,000 if your residence is located in a relatively colder state and your house needs a lot of reworking.

  1. Zone heating

Traditional fireplaces cannot disperse heat efficiently, more so concentrate their heat in just one area. You have to set the thermostat to maximum if you want the heat to reach all corners of your home.

An electric fireplace is very different. Through zone heating, it can concentrate its heat in just one area, so you get to warm up even when the appliance is set to minimum.

Why do you need zone heating?

Not all areas in your house require heating. You only need a warmer temperature wherever you stay or sleep. An electric fireplace can provide you this, so you get to significantly reduce the operational cost without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, a portable electric fireplace is completely mobile, so you can move it from room to room, and then store it again once no longer needed.

  1. No need for installation

An electric fireplace only needs to be plugged in, be turned on, and be set to the right temperature. That’s it! There is no installation required.

With a gas fireplace though, installation means having to make a hole in your wall and create proper ventilation for the smoke or carbon emission. This makes the installation really expensive, especially if the fireplace has to be installed in the inner parts of the house.

Furthermore, the gas line has to be connected to the fireplace for it to work. That can mean another thousand dollars, which is already the price of a large electric fireplace.

Surely, you need a professional technician or contractor to have a traditional fireplace installed.

  1. Safer and healthier

Even a five-year-old kid can use an electric fireplace. Most electric fireplaces are cold to the touch, so they pose no danger to anyone even if the entire family huddles too close to it. As it runs on electricity, it does not emit any dangerous gas like carbon dioxide. There is also no risk of gas leak, which can put the lives of your family in danger.

A traditional fireplace is the direct opposite. There is always the risk of gas leak and the danger of carbon emission. There are also cases where carbon monoxide emissions have been reported. It can be a problem if the house is not properly ventilated.

  1. Environment-friendly

An electric fireplace indirectly produces 166 pounds of carbon dioxide every year as a result of its electric consumption. On the other hand, the direct carbon dioxide emission of a traditional fireplace is almost 500% more than that. You can imagine how much damage it contributes to the atmosphere by worsening greenhouse effect.

  1. Air purification

Aside from the heat, you will also get purified air from an electric fireplace as it absorbs dirty air infested with airborne organisms and particles and releases it back to the house cleaner and safer even for people with respiratory problems.

  1. Heatless light

Electric fireplaces can be used as light source with or without the heat. They usually come in different bright settings with matching log and flame effect. You and your family can use this appliance even during summer, so your money is not wasted all-year round.

  1. Convenience of use

Electric fireplaces above the $300 mark often come with a remote control. Some even have touchscreen control panels. Their technological features make using them very convenient. Some traditional fireplaces also have remote control for the thermostat of course, but they still require some sort of manual control especially during cleaning.

  1. Heating efficiency

Electric fireplaces are very efficient in heating because no amount of heat is wasted on improper dispersal and through venting. On the other hand, as much as 30% of the traditional fireplace’s heat is lost completely.

  1. Elegant and stylish

According to a survey by the American Home Furnishings Alliance, most consumers give high importance to their sense of style and to the attractiveness of the electric fireplace. Why wouldn’t they? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of elegant designs to choose from, some of which even double as a lot of things, such as a piece of furniture and a wall accent.

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