Electric Fireplace Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to purchasing an electric fireplace, you have to know a lot about the product first. Browse through these electric fireplace frequently asked questions (FAQs) so your concerns will be addressed.


  1. Why should you buy an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplace gives you the warmth and the cozy ambiance without the contaminants coming from smoke. This is also affordable and easy to install; no need for venting. You can also adjust the heat level, or simply turn the fireplace off. You can use a remote control for this. The electric fireplace is a wise option if you are renting an apartment or you move a lot, as the fireplace is portable.

  1. How does an electric fireplace work?

Simply plug the fireplace in, and the heat and flame will be generated. The electric fireplace is efficient and will make your room comfortably warm. There is no hassle in operating it.

  1. What brand should you buy?

To be safe, there is no “brand” that you should strictly stick to, but you can try modern electric fireplaces. They integrate sophisticated technology and use LED lights.

  1. What area of your room can the fireplace’s heat cover?

Generally, the fireplace can generate heat up to 400 ft of an area. A typical electric fireplace has two heating levels – high and low. Some fireplaces have air blowers so that it covers a greater area of your home.

  1. How realistic is the flame?

Electric fireplaces mimic real flames. There are types that produce realistic-looking flames. Others have purple or blue flames instead.

  1. How long does an electric fireplace last?

The bulbs may need replacing. Generally, the fireplace could last 2-3 years depending on how frequent you use it. The brand also dictates the longevity of the item.

  1. How do you install electric fireplaces?

They are easy to install because you just plug them in. You can even mount the fireplace on the wall. There are fireplaces that come with entertainment centers so the assembly shouldn’t take a lot of time. You can even install it all by yourself. Electric fireplaces are designed for a home with a standard outlet. If the place where you want the fireplace installed doesn’t have an outlet, you will have to call an electrician for the task.

  1. Can you remove the fireplace?

Yes, because it is portable. You can relocate wall-mounted fireplaces.

  1. Is the fireplace safe?

Yes. Even if you touch the flames, you wouldn’t get burned because the effects are just projected on the screen. The only thing you have to be careful about is the plug and outlet, so don’t plug the fireplace in when your hands are wet.

  1. How functional is the remote control?

The typical functions of the remote control are to switch the fireplace on and off, and to adjust the heat level. On the other hand, you can operate the fireplace without the remote; the remote control is just there for your convenience.

  1. Is the electric fireplace environment-friendly?

It is. It doesn’t emit smoke or any contaminants that may pollute your home. The electric fireplace is truly a “green” choice, because it lets you use it with or without the heat. Your home will be free from fumes and toxic gases that could harm your lungs.

  1. Are electric fireplaces cost-efficient?

They cost less to operate as compared to gas burning fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces. All energy is converted to heat because the fireplace is powered by electricity. Because 100% of the energy is converted to heat, no heat is lost in the vent.

  1. What is the standard electric outlet for the fireplace?

Plug the fireplace into a 120V electric outlet and it’s good to go.

  1. Will using the electric fireplace spike up your electricity bill?

It actually depends on how often you plug it in. If it operates without the heat, then you aren’t really using a lot of energy. Use the fireplace with high heat levels every day, then there will be a significant upsurge in your bill and energy consumption.

  1. Does the glass panel become hot to touch?

No. You can touch it and not get burned. However, it is better to keep children away from the fireplace.

  1. Can you use the fireplace to decorate your room?

Yes. The electric fireplace can double as a wall décor or as a mantelpiece. The flames provide a relaxing ambiance to any room. Choose from the various flame effects to complement the aesthetics of your room. The flames may be blue, purple, red, orange, or yellow.

  1. How do you clean electric fireplaces?

Aside from changing the light bulb after 2-3 years, you can keep your fireplace from malfunctioning by dusting and vacuuming it on a regular basis. If your fireplace uses LED lights, there is no need to replace them.

An electric fireplace adds a lovely touch to your home. You wouldn’t have to worry about constructing a vent or a pipe. Neither would you have to endure the fumes and gases coming from the fireplace. The electric fireplace is your best bet for safe and cost-effective warmth around your home. These electric fireplace frequently asked questions should have helped you gain more understanding about the appliance.

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