Electric Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Electric Fireplace Maintenance Tips

An electric fireplace presents multiple advantages for everyone. One of the most compelling advantages it has is that it requires relatively low maintenance. This is especially so when compared to traditional oil, wood, or gas powered fireplaces. However, even if it is considered as a low-maintenance appliance, you should never overlook maintenance at all costs. Most of these techniques are simple to do, and cost much less compared to getting repairs. Here are some electric fireplace maintenance tips that will help improve its performance and durability.

Keep away from potential hazards

While this tip is applicable to all electrical appliances, this is an even bigger concern for large-output ones such as an electric fireplace. It is important that you place it away from items that can cause potential hazards. You should keep your fireplace away from potential water sources such as sinks, fish tanks, and water heaters. You should also keep it away from flammable objects such as fuel, matches, or anything that can catch fire quickly. Always remember that keeping things safe is an essential maintenance step.

Install a dedicated outlet and circuit breaker

Technically, this is not considered as a maintenance step, but this can save you from a lot of trouble moving forward. You should plug in your electric fireplace to an outlet that can handle the immense load it generates. If you don’t have an outlet like that at your home, then install one. At the same time, it is also recommended that you install a dedicated circuit breaker for your fireplace. This precautionary step will help you avoid damage to both your fireplace and your property in the event that something goes wrong in the electrical system.

Take care of the light bulb

The light bulb is a crucial part of an electric fireplace. Keeping it functional is a crucial part of electric fireplace maintenance. One of the easiest ways to get this done is to keep the bulb clean. You can do this by simply wiping the bulb every now and then to prevent dust buildup. However, at some point, you will have to replace the bulbs. Replacing the bulb is simple, with the process completed after a few minutes. You just got to make sure of 2 things. First, you got to use a compatible replacement bulb. Second, you got to remove the fireplace plug before replacing.

Keep your fireplace clean

Cleaning is one of the most basic steps in proper maintenance. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of dust inside and outside of your appliance. Not only does excessive dust buildup make your fireplace look untidy, but it can also become a potential fire hazard. The good news is that keeping an electric fireplace clean is much simpler than cleaning a fireplace powered by something else. Keeping the dust off is as simple as wiping surfaces using a soft, dry cloth. For best results, it is advised that you wipe both the inner and outer surfaces of the fireplace.

Take care of the fan

As an integral part of an electric fireplace’s heating function, an electric fireplace
regimen can never be complete without making sure that the fan works properly. Fan maintenance entails a few simple steps. First, you got to check if the fan is rotating properly when you turn it on. Any wobbling or irregular sound may spell trouble. You also got to make sure that the fan’s rotors are always clean. Your fan may also need some lubrication from time to time to keep it running straight. If you keep hearing irregular sounds or if you see structural damage to the fan, you need to call your technician to sort out the problem.

Always refer to the user’s manual

Most of the techniques you need to keep your electric fireplace in top shape are written in your user’s manual. From basic maintenance techniques to troubleshooting procedures, it contains some of the most fundamental fixes for most issues you may encounter while using your fireplace. It also contains the steps on how to properly use your fireplace, which is crucial for preventing most issues from arising in the first place.

Call professional help if necessary

While doing things yourself is important for day-to-day maintenance of your fireplace, it can only take you so far. At some point, you’ll be needing the occasional help of a professional to keep your electric fireplace at top shape. There are many ways a pro can help in ensuring proper electric fireplace maintenance. They can perform periodic inspections that may help detect problems you might otherwise overlook. They can also help in installing and replacing parts. Lastly, they can perform maintenance and performance maneuvers you don’t have the tools and skill to execute. When the situation calls for it, leave the job to the professionals.

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