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Grab These Fireplace Tool Sets Today!

Although there are already a lot of electric fireplaces sold on the market, a lot of people still prefer to use the traditional one.

The crackling sound of the burning logs, the beautiful dancing flames, the pleasant, fuzzy warmth that spreads around your living room – these are just some of the things that simple electric fireplaces cannot easily replicate.

In the past, tending traditional hearths can be difficult. Thankfully, you can now buy tool sets that will make this tedious chore more bearable. Most of these packs come with tongs, ash scoopers, pokers, and even a handy firewood bin! In addition, they also have an elegant style and durable construction to perfectly complement the look of your living room and hearth.

Take a look at the list below to find out the best fireplace tools set that is suited for your home.

  1. Panacea Fireplace Tool Pack 5 Piece, Oak Leaf 30”, Colonial Brown

Keep your fireplace tidy and stylish by grabbing the Panacea Tool Set today. The tools and the holder were all decorated with forged branches and detailed oak leaves to for that authentic vintage feel.

The collection comes with a small broom, firewood poker, tongs, and shovel. Its free stand is easy to set up is quite stable thanks to its solid base. Each tool measures around 28 inches and they can be conveniently latched on to the welded hooks found on the stand.

The products were powder coated to ensure that they will not easily be corroded by rust. The tools and stand have a colonial brown shade that gives off an earthy and masculine look.

  1. Uniflame T40140BK 4-Piece Fire Set, Black

The entire set is made from heavy duty steel frames so you can use this for a long period of time. This Uniflame accessory is the best fireplace tools set for people who want equipment with simple designs and superb functionality.

The black finish of this set will add a sophisticated and stylish vibe to any type of home.

To give them a vintage look, the set has class, decorative ball handles. Aside from adding style, it also offers firmer grip and impressive balance while holding each tool.

The Uniflame pack comes with a shovel, firewood poker, brush, and tool stand.

  1. Panacea 15234 Log Bin and Hearth 4-Piece Tool Set, Black

The star of this tool set is the free metallic stand.

Unlike other common tool sets, this product from Panacea features a durable stand that also doubles as a mini firewood rack. That way, you can easily throw in new logs whenever the old ones are already charred.

In addition, the stand also features hooks on its side so you can conveniently hang your tools when you are not using them. There is also a small compartment underneath for organizing fireplace maintenance essentials.

Design-wise, the tool stand is also unique. The stark contrast of square bars and top rings, complemented by the black, powder coated finish, creates a look that screams sophisticated. Its metallic construction, on the other hand, is highly resistant to flames, so you can surely use this for a long period of time.

But of course, the Panacea tool set is not just for display. Included in the package are essential items like shove, tongs, log poker, and mini broom to help you tend the fire and clean your hearth with ease.

  1. Plow and Hearth Hand-Forged Tall Tool Set, Black

When it comes to choosing fireplace essentials, nothing really says classy and durable than a tool set that was hand forged by professional smiths.

The shepherd’s crook styling makes the tools more comfortable to hold. The grooved beavertail tips, on the other hand, makes them more balanced. Both the tools and stand are coated with black, powder coat finish to add elegance and also keep them protected from rust and corrosion.

This set features four fireplace maintenance essentials – poker, ash broom, tongs, and shovel. All of them perfectly fit e free stand included in the set.

  1. Pleasant Hearth 4-Piece Harper Fireplace Tools Set with Log Holder

Of course, a list for the best fireplace tools set will not be complete without adding this 4-piece pack from Pleasant Hearth.

This product comes with a stand that has a spacious firewood rack at the bottom. Thanks to its modern design, the tools holder feels stable and it will not easily topple. Included in this set are a log rack, firewood poker, tongs, brush, and shovel.

This fireplace accessory is made from sturdy stainless steel that is powder-coated to ensure that it will not easily be damaged by rust or harmful elements.

The stand has clear lines that evoke a minimalist vibe. In addition, it also has metal clasps on its sides where you can organize all of your tools when they are not in use.

With these tools, cleaning your fireplace and tending to the flames will surely be easier. Just make sure that what you purchase is made from durable steel materials so that they will not be easily damaged by the hot flames.

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