Five Reasons Why You Should Own an Electric Fireplace

Have you ever thought of owning an electric fireplace?

An amazing advantage of an electric fireplace is its enhanced allure for your home. You can install it then have a place remodeled, or you can use it to complement an existing interior. Regardless of architectural design, it can create a stylish focal point that adds hype. Since its design and décor possibilities are virtually infinite, try not to set aside the idea of owning a fireplace.

In addition, beyond the design and décor-related advantages, an electric fireplace is laudable for its overall improvement in a home’s efficiency. For any homeowner, its offered convenience is a plus. Granted you select a durable model, you can enjoy the promising possibilities.

Five Reasons Why You Should Own an Electric Fireplace

More reasons to own a fireplace:

# 1 – It Is Environmentally Friendly

Owning an electric fireplace is economical. The design of a newer model, especially, revolves around soundness for the economy. It produces no emissions; it produces no fumes, no combustible fuels, no carbon monoxide, no carbon dioxide, and no pollutants of sorts. Since it doesn’t use wood as fuel, a much smaller carbon footprint is traceable. A standing pilot light is absent, too. When idle (or not in use), it doesn’t consume energy.

# 2 – It Offers Affordable and Better Air Quality

Affordable heating is a result of having an electric fireplace inside your home. The product promises heating and cooling operations for inexpensive prices. To cover energy costs, using it amounts to less than 3 cents an hour without the heat. If you prefer to turn the heater on, just add a few cents to the energy costs.

An electric fireplace also offers better indoor air quality. It can dissipate warmth directly into a closed area. While its design may not be suitable for central heating, it can heat a room much more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, with it, you’re in control; since most electric fireplaces come with remote controls, you can easily adjust thermostat levels according to preference.

Moreover, consider exploring the improvement in a home’s air quality with a standard fireplace. With a traditional wood-burning fireplace, the great quality of heat that it can provide is usually unquestionable. The same is true with an electric fireplace – only, it’s better since the heat is unable to escape through vents, gas lines, and chimneys. Whenever it produces heat, it ensures that heat stays in the room.

# 3 – It Can be Installed Quickly & Has a Low-Maintenance Design

The installation of an electric fireplace usually necessitates following simple instructions. Spare enough vacant area in your home to accommodate the product, ensure connection to a 110-volt outlet (depending on fireplace model), and you’re all set.

If it doesn’t come with a wall mount, you can combine an electric fireplace with furniture; you can use it alongside a corner TV stand, bookshelf, mantel, or fireplace media center. You can put it just about anywhere; inflammable surrounds are unnecessary. Since electric fireplaces can come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors, you can finish the selection process immediately and proceed to less-than-an-hour installation.

An electric fireplace features a low-maintenance design, too. Usually, turning to a specialist is not mandatory. Except for a light bulb change every 3 years, conditioning is virtually effortless. With proper use, its durability will show.

# 4 – It Promotes Additional Efficiency and Luxury to Closed Structures

Who says you can’t have a fireplace in a closed residential structure?

An electric fireplace offers flames that come with heat and without heat. It is very efficient and it converts electricity directly. Since its flame generation unit and heater are separate, flames don’t generate heat. Thus, it is ideal for a closed residential structure.

Moreover, an electric fireplace adds a luxurious feel to a closed structure without major remodeling. For the kind of residence, it’s an excellent option for adding ambiance and coziness. Its portability is also a plus. Since burning something is unnecessary, the installation of gas lines, chimneys, and venting systems isn’t a requirement. Especially if you live in a condominium or an apartment, you can appreciate the advantage.

# 5 – It Is Safe to Use

An electric fireplace is safe to use since it doesn’t release foul, lethal, and harmful gases into the atmosphere. Since it produces no emissions, those who are suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory ailments of sorts can revel in fresh, clean, and breathable air.

While on the subject of safety, an electric fireplace is a great addition to a family residence since it doesn’t endanger pets, kids, and the elderly. Its design doesn’t feature exposed hot surfaces that can lead to accidental burns. Except for the heat discharge vent (which can become warm due to prolonged fireplace use), every part of electric fireplace is safe to touch.

Moreover, with an electric fireplace’s fake flames, the occurrence of a fire-related accident from open flames is non-existent. It doesn’t produce creosote (or flammable tar) buildup, which can result to fires. Compared to the concerns associated to a traditional fireplace, it doesn’t threaten you with logs rolling out or embers shooting.

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