Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Explained

Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Explained + Recommendations

Comfort and convenience are what a freestanding electric fireplace offers in terms of your supplemental heating needs. With these electric fireplace ideas, you can maintain the cleanliness of your home or office while enjoying the beauty of the realistic flame effects. In addition, your fireplace is not set on one side of the wall anymore.  It can be placed in different places and positions of your house or den. Moreover, it is so easy to operate. You simply have to plug it into an electric outlet and then you can enjoy the warmth you need in no time at all. To top it all, you have a wide variety of features and styles that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Popular brands and features

Among the many brands in the market today, the most popular brands are Dimplex, Infrared, and Jasper. They have features that are both practical and aesthetic.

The Dimplex brand is reputed to be of superior quality. It comes with a lovely flickering light, heating system and an air filter that is suitable for sensitive people. You can use the air filter alone if you do not need the heat. This electric fireplace is operated by a remote control that has a battery life of 2650 hours. However, because of its multiple features, it can use up so much electric power and must have its own circuit. It can also be a bit costly than the other brands.

Infrared is ideal for wide spaces because it can warm an area up to 1000 square feet and comes with a remote control. One positive add-on is that it has a tip-over feature that shuts off the unit immediately for your safety. Moreover, because it can use much electric power, it should have a dedicated circuit and must not be plugged together with other electrical devices.

The Jasper is a stylish and colorful fireplace that could blend well with any interior design. You can have a modern type to suit contemporary style or a little bit of the past like the traditional designs. With your safety in mind, it is so designed with clear, real double glass doors that remain cool to the touch so that children and pets will not be hurt whenever they accidentally get in contact with it.

Tips for choosing the finest freestanding electric fireplace

Before buying your own electric fireplace, there are some things that you have to take into consideration. The following tips will not only give you your money’s worth but it will make you confident and please of your choice.

Consider the design.

You can choose between contemporary or traditional. You can also decide on the size of your fireplace to fit your space. It is encouraging to note that you can always bring in your personal touch in your home or office even in the choice of these freestanding electric fireplaces. For instance, if you want a more carefree and minimalist setting, you can opt for the many contemporary styles that are available for you to go over. On the other hand, if you are the nostalgic and romantic type, you have several styles of traditional and classic designs to choose from. Furthermore, you are free to custom fit the fireplace into your space.  An example is the petit foyer type that could fit into your entryway or even your own bathroom. Your individual need, unique style, and personal preferences have to be considered carefully.

Consider the heating method.

The two major types of heating system of freestanding electric fireplaces are infrared and fan-forced heat. Infrared waves disperse heat into the room quietly with the aid of the heat exchanger. It can heat a 1000 square feet room. On the other hand, the fan-forced heat can go as far as 400 square feet with directional heat system through its louvers. It moves silently and does not affect the sounds in the room.

Consider the log lights and flame.

With LED (light emitting diode) used for the fireplaces, you do not only enjoy the beauty of its lively effects but also the longevity of its use. It is both aesthetic and cost effective. The flickering and dancing flame can be achieved by using candelabra bulbs.


Nothing can be better than enjoying both comfort and convenience in terms of household equipment and fixtures. As one of the necessities in life, warmth that comes from a supplemental heating system that is not only pleasing to your feeling but also to your sight is indeed extremely desirable. Thanks to modern technology, you can now have the perks of life without a need for a trade-off. The coming of the freestanding electric fireplaces has simply brought us more safety and peace of mind as we work in the office or as you and your family relax at home.

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