How to Choose the Best Electric Fireplace Heater

Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace Heater

When looking into a fireplace as a permanent and focal feature for your living room or bedroom, there are many things that you need to consider prior to your purchase. Not many people may know this but it is important for you to consider not only the type or appearance of an electric fireplace but also the appliance’s heating capacity and wattage. These are essential things to take into account if you want an economical and safe alternative to traditional fireplaces. Take a further look into these different criteria:

Appearance and Size

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of an electric fireplace is most often the top priority among homeowners. Most likely you are looking for an electric fireplace that will match your living room color motif. While this is a valid criterion, there are other things that you can also think about appearance-wise.

First, electric fireplaces can be freestanding, wall-mounted, electric insert, mantel, TV fixture stand, or corner type. Do you want a moveable fireplace or prefer a wall-attached one? The suitability of each fireplace type will highly depend on what you need for your home. You also need to consider the installation procedure of the electric fireplace that you will choose. If you decide on a wall-mounted or wall-flushed unit, you may need a serviceman to install the fireplace properly.

Operating Features

The digital age has now also caught up with fireplace heaters as they now come with remote controls and touchscreen operation. At this time, the more high-end the electric fireplace, the more likely it is to have touchscreen controls. But this does not mean other electric fireplaces cannot hold up on their own in terms of electronic capabilities.

Most regular electric fireplace heaters allow you to change the flame brightness, fan speed, heater settings, and auto-shutoff mechanisms. These features come with most electric fireplaces nowadays. So, you may only need to decide whether these features are what you want from an electric fireplace heater or if you would want the bells-and-whistles features of the more high-end brands.

Heating Capacity

It is a common misconception that a single electric fireplace heater is enough to heat up a whole house. This is highly unlikely unless you live in a tiny house or a single-room apartment. Electric fireplaces are typically suited for rooms with the size of 400 square feet or less.

When choosing an electric fireplace, it’s important that you look into the unit’s BTU (British Thermal Units) or its ability to heat up the room. It takes about 4000 to 5000 BTU for a 400-square-feet room. Therefore, the higher the BTU, the faster it is for an electric fireplace to warm the intended space.

If you are looking to only use an electric fireplace for a small room, you can choose a unit that has a smaller BTU capacity. This way, you can save up on the costs.


When purchasing any electronic appliance, you should also consider the brand’s warranty policy. Most manufacturers only have a one-year warranty and will replace or repair any malfunctioning unit within the warranty period. Any issue with the unit occurring outside the warranty period may require you to pay repairman service fees.

Electric fireplaces are constructed to withstand extreme situations so you need not worry about having a malfunctioning unit too soon. In the event that you find brands offering more than a one-year service warranty, it is in your best interest to find out more about their fireplace models.

Customer Service

In line with an electronic appliance’s warranty, you should look into a brand’s customer service, too, especially when ordering online. Make sure to order from reputable sites and take note of the brand’s contact information like phone number, customer support email address, or even Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can read verified customer reviews online to help you decide on what electric fireplace to buy.

The way a company handles its customers will reflect a lot on how much they value their clientele. If you read or hear negative customer service feedback regarding a product, be wary and devote more time in weighing your options before deciding on your final choice.

Putting It All Together

Truly brilliant were the minds of those who invented the electric fireplace heaters in the 1950s. Now, these innovations are here to help make your home warm and cozy without the hassle of a traditional hearth. You now even have the option to select among different types of electric fireplaces that people of the previous century were not yet able to use.

Remember, when selecting an electric fireplace, keep in mind what type of unit will best fit your home, its heating capacity, its remote-controlled features, and the brand’s warranty and customer service. When you find the device that best matches these set of criteria, then you have chosen the best electric fireplace heater for your home.

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