The Best Electric Fireplace to Heat up Your Place

The Best Electric Fireplace to Heat up Your Place

Modern times call for a modern approach in heating up homes. Thankfully, innovators have come up with the best possible solution which is the electric fireplace.

An electric fireplace, as the name implies, is the modern replacement for traditional fireplaces. Gone are the messy, soot-covered, and space-hogging traditional fireplaces. With electric fireplaces, you do not have to worry about consistently stoking the flames. All you have to do is install it, set the temperature, and enjoy the visually emulated flames.

Having an electric fireplace has a lot of advantages. To make it simpler, here are a few pros of having one:

  • Very flexible décor possibilities
  • Space saving
  • Installation is simple and easy
  • Longer life span
  • Portable
  • No gas lines or chimneys needed
  • Heat is easier to regulate through thermostat
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire hazards are avoided

Looking for the best electric fireplace can be a bit hard though. With a lot of great choices, you would need to examine every nook and cranny of each product to know each of their strengths and limitations. While all these electric fireplaces are all top-notch products, here is a list ranking the best recommendations for an electric fireplace:

Touchstone 50-inch Onyx Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace with Heater 

The Touchstone is one of the most aesthetically sound electric fireplace in the market. This wall mounted fireplace can go along the walls of your living room, game room, or bed room. At around 46 pounds, it is quite portable which makes moving it from one room to another a breeze. It has 2 levels of heat that can be controlled with a very responsive remote control.  The LED display emulates the flames so you can expect realistic yet safe “flames” in your fireplace. Instructions on the proper allowances from the floor and ceilings are included in the installation guide to maximize the Touchstone’s potential.

Moda Flame Houston 50-inch Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace 

The Moda Flame Houston is a premier choice when it comes to electric fireplaces. It comes in minimalistic colors of black and white. It is 50-inch wide which means that the flames are emulated with great quality. You are in control of the heat levels and the brightness of the flames. It comes with three heat settings which are high, low and no heat with flames. It also has a very quiet fan to distribute the heat evenly while maintaining a very relaxing environment. It has a very responsive remote control and also runs with energy efficient LED lights.

SEI Convertible Media Console with Electric Fireplace 

SEI is one of the greatest combinations of function and design. This is an energy-efficient, fire safe, and effective electric fireplace. It also doubles as a functional media console. It comes with a remote control that gives you easy access to regulate heat levels, brightness, and temperature. It also comes with a thermal overload protector to provide more protection from overheating. It has 3 colors which are ivory, mahogany, and black so you will have great flexibility when it comes to the décor. The shelves can hold a 50-inch TV along with other entertainment systems. The SEI Convertible Media Console is sought after for its functionality as well as its beauty.

Duraflame Large Stove Heater DFS-750-1 

The amazing performance, contemporary aesthetics, and accessibility of this Duraflame electric stove heater/fireplace is the reason why it is one of the most sought models in the electric fireplace industry. It is a pretty large stove but not so much that it becomes a challenge in smaller spaces. The design is still compact and beautiful which makes it stand out in traditional and contemporary room designs. It comes with a remote control with functions like heat or no heat control, temperature control and brightness control. With the matte black finish of its exterior the crimson flames it emulates gives it a very nice contrast.

SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace 

Another great SEI electric fireplace, the Cartwright Convertible is a vent-less stand-alone console electric fireplace. It can either be placed in a corner or a flat wall. It has an espresso finish that gives any room a great accent. It is built with durability and safety in mind. The glass panels will remain as cool as ever because of the absence of combustion. The metal frame around the center grate is also made to last high temperature situations. The remote control provided controls the thermostat and the brightness of the LED lights. It can also support a 43-inch TV without any problem.

These are some of the best electric fireplaces in the market. They offer the best bang for your buck with their functionality, design and durability. Any of these electric fireplaces will be a great addition to your home.

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