What You Need To Know About Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

What You Need To Know About Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have become a staple in millions of modern houses not just because they provide added comfort but also because they are very practical. They eliminate the need for wood, fire, smoke, and a chimney, making them safer for the occupants of the house and also the environment. Instead of going through the fussy process of gathering wood, starting a fire, and tending to the fire all night, with electric fireplaces, all you need is the push of a button. Not only do you have an instant source of heat, but the ambiance in your home quickly changes into something more relaxing.

There are different types of electric fireplaces: traditional mantels, media consoles, and wall mount units. Traditional mantels are the closest to the traditional fireplace look while media consoles double as a stand for your television. The third type, wall mount units, will be the focus of this review.

Features and Recommendations

As the name suggests, wall mount electric fireplaces are hung on the wall using secured brackets that come with the unit. They generate heat using either infrared technology or a fan-forced heater. Infrared heaters do not make air molecules warm. Instead, they heat things that come in contact with the infrared light which usually has a forward or downward direction.

If you are going to be placing things above your fireplace, be sure to choose an infrared type. A good recommendation would be the Classic Flame brand. Check out the 47” Felicity model that can heat a 1,000 square foot room. On the other hand, fan-forced heaters provide instant bursts of warm air that shoot upwards. A good example of which is the Dimplex Prism 50” Linear Electric Fireplace.  If you want to keep the whole room constantly warm, go for the fan-forced type.

Keep in mind that whether the whole room gets heated depends on the size of the room and the power of the heater in Watts. Before you purchase an electric fireplace, measure the square foot of your room and ask the seller if a particular model has enough heating capacity to warm up the whole room. This applies for both infrared and fan-forced type heaters.

Wall mount fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your house that has a power outlet nearby. Some models even come with a base so your fireplace can stand freely. What makes electric fireplaces unique is that you can choose the type of display you want to see. Most come with the classic orange flames like the Onyx 50” made by Touchstone. The flames in the Onyx 50” can be adjusted according to intensity. The flame effects on this model are more realistic compared to others. Some come with various colored flames which you can change the way you would change the channels on your TV like the Napoleon Allure Linear Electric Fireplace. If you want to go even further to achieve the authentic fireplace experience, you can purchase a sound system that simulates the crackling effect of an actual fire.

The good thing about all the recommendations above is that you can choose to only have the display function without turning on the heater. After all, electric fireplaces have been widely used for the cozy ambiance the simulated flames provide. They are made possible by energy-efficient LED lights that are reflected through a mirror element.

Depending on the brand and model, wall mount electric fireplaces generally have these pros and cons:


  • Easy to install with brackets and screws included
  • Temperature can be adjusted to your desire
  • Adjustable flame levels, effects, and color
  • Aside from the heat source, the whole surface is cool to the touch
  • Can be used as inserts for existing mantels or media stands
  • Comes with a remote that controls almost all functions
  • Comes in a sleek design that does not take up much space


  • It is designed to provide supplemental heat and will not be powerful enough to become the main source of heat in your home
  • In some types, the heat exits the top side, therefore cannot be recessed on the wall
  • You will have to find a way to conceal the power cord

How to install

First, choose a location in your house that has a power outlet near the spot where you will hang the fireplace. Next, locate two studs in your wall which will normally be 16”-24” apart. Mark these two studs and using a level, draw a straight line connecting the two. Line the mounting bracket against the line you drew and using a power tool, drill four screws in place, securing the bracket. Make sure the tabs on the bracket are facing up and the screws are all tight and secure. Mount your electric fireplace by inserting the slots at the back into the tabs on the bracket.

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