Where To Buy Firewood

Tips on Where to Buy Firewood and How to Pick the Best Firewood

          You have to know where to buy firewood once the winter season is already fast approaching. Learning how to find the right place to buy firewood is extremely important to ensure that you have enough to last you for the entire season.

The problem is that there are lots of dubious vendors out there. These vendors capitalize on consumers who did not spend time researching about firewood. Nowadays, almost anyone with a pickup truck and an axe or chainsaw can cut a few pieces of wood and start selling mediocre pieces of wood.

It’s really easy to get lost and confused out there. A lot of them use technical terms or words to give off the impression that they know exactly what they’re doing when they don’t.

          Because of this, you need to keep in mind a few things if you really want to learn where to buy firewood and how to choose the best ones for your fireplace.

Look for a provider, which offers several species.  The best firewood vendors are those who offer a wide selection of firewood. Whatever the species may be, the basic chemical composition of wood is always the same. Understand that some firewood burn better than the rest.

          Maple, cherry and oak trees are some of the most preferred options when it comes to firewood. Wood from these species is often harder and a lot denser than the others. Always remember to look for wood, which is both hard and dense. Hardness and density are important qualities because they determine how slowly the wood burns. Furthermore, hard firewood also produces less creosote, which reduces fire hazards in your chimney.

Know the cords

          When buying firewood, vendors sell their products in measurements of cords. Legitimate firewood vendors use cords as the standard unit of measurement when selling wood. Shopping for firewood will be a lot easier for you if you familiarize yourself with the size of a cord.

          Understand that there are two kinds of cords. The full cord is around four feet in height and depth, and around eight feet long. A face cord, on the other hand, is four feet in height and eight feet long. The depth of the face cord is as long as an individual log of wood, which is usually around 16 to 24 inches in length.

Vendors that offer stacking services

          Look for vendors who offer stacking services for their firewood. The vendor may or may not charge a fee for this service, so make sure to ask about it.

          Stacking services are important even if the vendor charges you for the service. Stacking will make it easier for you to see if you are getting your money’s worth. Sometimes, shady vendors will loosely stack the firewood to make it look like you’re getting what you paid for.

          It may come at a price, but paying for a stacking service will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t get the shorter end of the stick.

A bill of receipt

          This is one of the simplest things that you can do to make sure that you are getting your firewood from a good vendor. A good vendor will never refuse to offer a receipt. The bill of sale must include information, such as the vendor’s contact information, the date of sale, the specie and amount of firewood sold and the price that you paid for.

Keeping that receipt is important since you can use it in case you find any irregularity in the cord.

Looking through the internet for local firewood vendors

          The internet is one of the best places to visit when searching for the best firewood. Some of the best and most reputable firewood vendors post ads on the internet. Some vendors even post their latest promos, such as discounts, online.

          It is beneficial to shop for firewood online because it often saves you the trouble of visiting one store to another. You can also use the filtering option to narrow down your search and make sure that the search results only include those that perfectly meet your needs.

Studying firewood

          The trouble with a lot of people nowadays is that they don’t even bother to learn anything about firewood. A lot of them don’t know a thing about cords, seasoning, or the different species of wood, let alone which of them are ideal for burning in a fireplace. If you follow their lead then you’ll just end up making the same mistakes that they did.

          The internet is full of easy to read articles that talk extensively about the most important aspects of buying firewood. These articles can give you essential information that will prevent you from committing mistakes when buying.

Conducting a research online can go a long way in learning where to buy firewood.

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