Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Looking for a great way to spend summer outdoors with a fire pit that brings warmth? Here are some backyard fire pit ideas you can work on.

Create a Walled Background

Circular and rectangular fire pits are common in many homes. Add a wall in your fire pit setup for a unique touch. You can use wood panels, stone veneers and painted concrete to construct the wall. To brighten the wall’s dark areas, you can use small lights. For a rustic effect, add Mason jar lights. The fire pit doesn’t have to be located at the center for this design.

Gather Annoying Stones

Don’t throw away stones that are scattered in your backyard. Start gathering them. Pile up some of these stones to build a wall or two. Smaller pieces can be used in making of the fire pit. Those that are big enough to carry an average person can be made into chairs.

Think Big

Cancel out the plan for buying expensive, classic-looking chairs and go for that long, circling concrete seat instead. This is perfect for people who love partying through the night and those who need a big place for gatherings and meetings. A great advantage is you will be saved from the arranging tasks that are usually associated with the use of common chairs.

A Simple Fire Pit for Two

The setting doesn’t always have to be grand or huge. For small families and those who don’t have the luxury of space in their backyard, go for a tabletop fire pot. This type is fueled by alcohol and can be purchased at prices under $50.

A fire pit doesn’t have to be necessarily out in the open. It can be installed inside your house where it can be protected from weather elements. How about erecting a second one inside the gazebo?

Amplify the Nature Experience

A nature trip is one of the best things you can give yourself in this busy and hurried world. That oneness with nature state can be easily achieved. Use a lot of stones around the fire pit – big and small crushed stones. Build a picnic table made of wood. Use clay pots for parties. Have lots of plant limbs and leaves. Play classical music. Buy a pair of birds. These backyard fire pit ideas are some of the best ones that have been created.

Sunken Fire Pit

A fire pit doesn’t necessarily need to protrude from the ground. If you’re the type of person whose extremities easily get cold, this idea is for you. Plus, with this, you won’t find yourself giving that fire pit spot elaborate decorations. Building one like this is also very economical. Just dig on the ground and put concrete inside.

Fire Pit Burner

Consider buying a fire pit that uses natural gas or propane for fuel.  All you need to do is buy a fire pit kit that comes with a ready-to-use burner and a couple of fire pit rings. If you are constructing your fire pit, you can buy fire pit rings separately. Fire pit burners that are made of steel are the best, as they are able to resist rusting. You can have a square, a rectangular or a circular burner for your home.

Scrollwork on the Top

To create a classy and serene setting in your backyard, you can add scrollwork on top of your fire pit. Old metal urns and hydrangeas are great additions for this motif.

White and Green

Since most of nature is green, why not go for the green and white colors for your fire pit set up? You can make use of green plants as background. Put a small white table and stash it in a corner. Two chairs painted in green and white face a chiminea fire pit. Take a seat and let the memories roll.

A Wall on Fire

Creative minds can do a lot with currently available backyard fire pit ideas. Walls that serve as background pieces for fire pits can be used as receptacles for the flame. Build a small pool beside the wall and you can have a great play spot for children on a hot summer night.

Fire Pit Grates

Make that outdoor experience even greater by purchasing a fire pit grate. There are two types. One type is able to hold firewood above the fire pit and the other is able to hold food above the fire. Some fire pit grates are designed to be able to do both functions.

Be Eco-friendly

Expect smiles from our environmentalist brothers. With so much waste being produced on a daily basis, it’s time to consider picking up the garbage and working on them to create astounding earth-friendly backyard fire pit ideas. The base for the fire pit is corrugated metal pipe, and there’s lava where the pipe is sitting on and the fuel for this fire pit is natural gas.

Multi-leveling to Make Room for the Fire Pit

Not everyone is endowed with a large space enough to accommodate grand ideas. Before you make your fire pit and buy other pieces for your dream yard set up, consider terracing or multi-leveling the area. This can make your small space turn out to be roomier. Big planters can be added.

Toppings for a Gas Fire Pit

Use different toppers for a gas fire pit. A glass topper offers a contemporary feel, unlike the common, organic feel that a fire pit ring brings. Many producers are now selling eco-glass for fire pit topping. This kind of glass is a by-product of industrial processes. It is melted down and colored so that it will produce flames with varying hues. River stones and lava rock are also sold as gas fire pit toppings.


Fire pits come in various shapes and sizes and can be positioned in different ways in different backyard designs. Be creative, but be careful about compromising free movements. Likewise, think about being earth-friendly and not spending too much money.

Take your time when constructing your fire pit. It doesn’t have to be finished within one week. Consider a broken schedule. You can work on it on the course of 5 to 8 weekends.

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