How To Put Out Fire Burning In An Electric Fireplace

How To Put Out Fire Burning In An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are known to be safer alternatives to traditional fireplaces since they do not have actual burning fire. The heat generated from these devices originates from electricity running through metal coils. This heat is then carried away from the source with the use of blower fans and spreads all around the room.

Turning off Flame Image Display

Most electric fireplaces have a built-in screen where burning flame images are projected. That is why you can see a realistic imitation of a sizzling hearth at the center of the electric fireplace. But if you prefer to not see this projected image, you can put out the fire burning display by using the display controls in your fireplace.

Electric fireplaces will have remote controls that can allow you to adjust temperature limit, timer, heating capacity, and image display settings. The electric fireplace can still emit heat without it having to display burning logs on the screen. All you have to do is follow the instructions in your electric fireplace’s manual or press a button in your remote control and those crackling fire images will cease to appear.

Another great feature of electric fireplaces is that you can also control the intensity of the flame image display. You can choose between a roaring fire display and an image with just burning embers or other less intense flame image settings. You can program any setting depending on your mood, the occasion, or the ambience you wish to create.

Electric Fireplace Safety Precautions

Real fires originating from electric fireplaces are uncommon; and if they do occur, they are typically only caused by unobserved safety precautions. To prevent any fire hazard from electric fireplaces, make sure to choose an electric fireplace with the following features:

  • Automatic Timer

When selecting an electric fireplace, look for an automatic timer feature. This feature allows you to choose the amount of time that the electric fireplace will be turned on. You can program it to run for at least 30 minutes to 8 hours and the appliance will automatically shut down after the designated time. This feature is ideal if you want to keep the fireplace on while you are asleep but not for the entirety of the night.

  • Temperature Limiter

Having an automated temperature sensor is also essential for electric fireplaces so that they will not be a fire hazard. A temperature threshold is programmed into the electric fireplace’s mechanism so that the whole unit will automatically turn off when the set temperature is reached.

In the event that your electric fireplace overheats, the device will shut down first, therefore stopping the transfer of electricity. When there is transfer of electrical current, fires are less likely to occur.

  • Safety Shutdown Mechanism

Another electric fireplace safety feature to look into is a safety shutdown mechanism. A safety shutdown control is present in most standalone electric fireplaces. They are a fail-safe mechanism that automatically turns off the entire electric fireplace in case it accidentally topples over.

Having this feature is essential if you live in an earthquake-prone area, or if you have children and pets at home.

In Case Of Real Fire

In the extreme event that you see your electric fireplace already on fire, your first step should be to assess the situation quickly. Is the fire just contained to the electric fireplace? Or has the fire spread to the area surrounding the fireplace?

If it is just a small and localized fire on the electric device itself, you can get a fire extinguisher or pail of water to douse the fire. If you think you cannot do this, call for help and leave the room. If you are able to douse the fire, you should cut off the electricity running through your home or contact your building manager to do this and check the electrical wirings to see if there were any more wiring damage.

However, if the fire has already spread to the nearby walls and furniture, your first action should be to call out to any other occupants in your home, leave the room, and call for help. Smoke and fire alarms may have already been automatically triggered so do not linger in the area as you may inhale the fumes. Do not attempt to put out the burning fire yourself if the flames have already spread all over your living room.

You and your family’s safety should be your top priority when selecting electrical appliances, especially electric fireplaces. Most electric fireplace brands follow strict safety controls to ensure that their consumers are safe. Examples of these manufacturers are Classic Flame and Dimplex. In the United States and Canada, consumer safety for electrical products is monitored by CSA and Underwriters Laboratories. These are non-profit organizations that inspect the production of the mechanisms used in electric fireplaces to ensure that they are safe for consumer use. Be sure to look for the UL or CSA certification stamp for any electric fireplace that you are looking to purchase.

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