How to Buy the Best Firewood

Want to Buy the Best Firewood?

When winter comes, you want to make sure that you have the best firewood to fuel your fireplace. The trouble with some people is that they don’t exert some effort in finding the best wood to use for their fireplace. They care little about learning anything important so they end up buying mediocre firewood, which burns quickly or doesn’t burn properly. Avoid committing the same mistake by conducting all the necessary research.

There are many things you have to know if you want to get the best wood. For one, you need to avoid buying one by just pointing at a stack without trying to learn a thing or two about it. Here are some of the basic principles for those who want to learn how to buy the best firewood.

Buying the right species of wood for the right season

There are different trees that you can use as firewood. Knowing each one may take a bit of time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Learning the difference between each one is extremely important when trying to get the right kind of firewood.

You’ll hear some people say that hardwood is always the best while others recommend other types. The real answer is that the best type of firewood is dependent on the season.

Winter is the perfect time to buy hardwood for your fireplace. Hardwood is ideal because its hardness and density means that it will burn longer. It is also more efficient than softwood and is ideal during the cold months. Hardwood requires a lot more attention than softwood given how long it burns.

Softwood is ideal when the season is not that cold, the times when things are just a little bit chilly. Softwood tends to burn faster than hardwood. What makes it ideal for other seasons of the year is that it burns quickly. This means that you don’t have to attend to it as often as hardwood.

Making sure that the firewood is properly seasoned

You’ll find that the best firewood is properly seasoned. Seasoned firewood simply means that the wood was properly dried out. Moisture is the second most important quality that determines how the wood burns.

Make sure that the firewood is properly seasoned so it will burn properly. Wood that isn’t seasoned properly will end up producing a lot of unwanted smoke in the fireplace. Not only is this unhealthy and unsightly, it also tends to clog the chimney.

Wood, at least the substance itself, doesn’t actually burn. When heated to a certain temperature, wood begins to undergo a chemical reaction where it breaks down some of its components, one of which is a flammable gas. This chemical reaction is difficult to achieve when the wood is moist because the heat will trap the moisture inside.

There are a few visual cues to look for that can tell you if the firewood was seasoned properly.

First, there are cracks at the end of the log. Cracking is a result of the wood drying process. Without moisture inside it, the wood begins to shrink because of the empty space inside; hence, the cracks.

It’s also important to note that firewood that’s wrapped in plastic, such as those sold in supermarkets or convenience stores, aren’t usually seasoned. When burned, they tend to produce a lot of smoke in comparison to seasoned firewood. Excess smoke is just one of the problems with unseasoned wood.

Buying a wood moisture meter is a waste of money. A person just needs to buy enough firewood to get the right amount of experience to spot the right wood.

One way to determine if the wood is already dry is to bang them together. Pieces of properly dried wood will sound hollow when you do this. Those that are not completely dry yet will produce a more solid sound.

Asking family and friends

People should try and ask those they know for some tips and secrets. The best source of reliable information for buying firewood can be acquired from the locals. Gather information from your trusted friends and relatives, so you can pick the right choice.

Make sure that the wood is clean

Other than being properly seasoned, the firewood should be clean. It should not have any sort of dirt or residue on the surface. Some vendors fail to clean their products properly. Make sure that it is free from any residue like mud or dirt.

Dirty firewood won’t burn as well as those that are clean. It won’t catch fire that easily and won’t burn properly

Clean firewood makes for a clean and efficient burn. The best firewood that money can buy will always be clean and will be good for the home and the chimney.

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can easily find the best type of wood for your fireplace.

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