How to Install An Electric Fireplace in Your House

We live in an age when modern technology is able to address issues of older technology or items that have proven either obsolete (in terms of operation and value) or impracticality. In a modern house, you’ll find electric stoves, electric water heaters, electric cookers and other electrical items that serve the same purpose as the original inspiration they were derived from.

One household fixture that has needed some improvement for the longest time is the fireplace. The fireplace serves a very specific purpose of providing heat to certain areas in the house. Sadly, a fireplace has proven to be very impractical, potentially dangerous and damaging to the environment. The smoke coming out of the fireplace adds to the pollution already in place in the environment.

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So, some smart and innovative engineers have come up with a solution to that which is to create an electric fireplace.

The question is: can it hold up against the real thing?

One of the appealing things about a fireplace (aside from providing warmth) is the implied romantic notion of spending time in front of the fireplace as you throw in the wood with or without a companion by your side. Even the process of starting the fire brings a sense of fulfilment to most people.

An electric fireplace takes all that away as all you need to do to have the “fire” going is to switch it on. Watching the display can also seem sterile as the “flames” dance in a set pattern.

Still, an electric fireplace can save you a lot of money in terms of buying logs to burn. It is also very environmentally friendly as there are no fumes escaping into the atmosphere. The heat is also more evenly distributed in the room where the device is installed.

So far, the pros outweigh the cons of having a fireplace installed in your own home.

The next question is: how easy is it to replace your existing fireplace with an electric fireplace?

The answer: it’s just as easy as installing a TV in your living room area.

So, what we’re going to do here is to learn how to easily install your fireplace just in case you make up your mind on getting one for your home.

  1. Make the correct considerations inside the room where the electric fireplace is going to be installed. A small room will only require a small unit while larger rooms may require larger units or the use of 2 or more electric fireplaces.
  2. Read through the entire manual to make sure you have all of the components inside the box that your electric fireplace came in with. The manual will also show you diagrams on proper installation to ensure that your appliance is placed in the right position.
  3. Prepare the wall where your fireplace’s mounting hardware goes. Measure the space to ensure that the dimensions will allow for proper placement of the electric fireplace. Another consideration to make is the availability of an electrical socket nearby for you to be able to plug your fireplace in.
  4. Start drilling and make sure that your holes line up correctly with the mounting hardware. Screw in the mounting hardware with the screws it came with and check for any wobbling. The mounting hardware should be levelled flat against the mounting wall and there shouldn’t be any spaces in between the wall and the mounting hardware. If there are any slight gaps present, make sure you fill it in with a spacing material to prevent any unnecessary movement.
  5. Attach the accompanying fuse box a foot or two away from the mounting unit and properly insulate it from the heat your electric fireplace is going to produce.
  6. Hide the wires with a piping material to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace area.
  7. Insert the insulating material between the electric fireplace and the mounting assembly to prevent excessive heat exposure.
  8. Mount the electric fireplace unto the mounting hardware and screw in tightly. There shouldn’t be any clearance or gaps in between the mounting hardware and the actual electric fireplace unit. Lead the wires into the piping to hide it from sight and connect it to the fuse box.
  9. Make sure the vent does not have any obstructions and all wires are connected properly. Check on the insulation to make sure that they can properly shield the electric device from heat emanating from the actual unit.
  10. Plug into a standard 120 volt socket and turn the electric fireplace on.

There you have it; now you have an electric fireplace in your home. Just wait for the heat to waft through the unit and into the room. Optimal heating settings should be attained within a couple of minutes (this is also dependent on the area that needs heating).

Now you know how to install an electric fireplace in your home.

The last question is: “When are you getting one?”

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