Fireplace Decor Ideas

There are a lot of fireplace décor ideas all over the Net, but not all of them may work in your home. For one, they have to be within the limits of your budget. Two, the accessories must be available. Three, the motif must suit the type of home you have. Nevertheless, the fireplace is the focal point of your living room. Visitors may notice your couch and your coffee table, but for the most part, their eyes will wander over to the fireplace, where your fireplace mantel decors should be. Aside from the warmth coming from it, your guests will surely be interested in the decorations keeping your fireplace worth admiring — or not.

Thus, it is important for you to think about designs that you can play around with for the rest of the year. If you are new to this, then these fireplace decor ideas will be great starting points for you.

The Sylvan Scene

Add charm to your fireplace by decorating it with a lot of evergreens. These create a refreshing scene in your living room. You can also add plants and artificial vines on the fireplace mantel. If you plan to use real plants, make sure the fireplace is near a source of sunlight. You can find a lot of plants that require low light. Mosses and ferns are right for this job. To add pizzazz to your fireplace, place these plants in vintage bottles or weirdly shaped pots and jars. Elevate the plants so they have breathing space. Have a strategy on how to place the plants. Vary the sizes (one big plant beside a smaller plant), or the texture of the leaves.

Go Oriental

Why not put Chinese and Japanese ornaments in your fireplace? Hang small Japanese lanterns on the fireplace, high enough not to let it catch fire, then put an oriental vase on the mantel. Buddha figures and other charms, plus and incense burner, will ward off negative energies around your home (or so the Chinese say). The motif is yellow, black, and red.

A Collection of Vases

Speaking of vases, you can decorate your fireplace mantel with various types of vases. You can have ceramic and glass ones, then place them beside terra cotta. It would be best if you can achieve the two-color palette (browns and reds, or blue and white). Vary the height and shapes of the vases (slim and tall beside a small and round vase). It is totally up to you if the vases would be filled with plants or they would remain empty. You may also display transparent vases.

A Birch Still Life

Create the impression of a forest right in your living room. You don’t have to put big logs there, but you can pull this trick off simply by buying birch and having it cut according to your preferences. For the fireplace opening, place logs that are about two inches longer than that. Place the stack of woods in the opening; you just have to experiment and you can find the right way to make the logs fit.

A Ball of Lights

The moon may be thousands of miles away from you, but you can take it down to your living room, though not literally. A moon lantern called Luna can be your companion in the evenings. Luna, an illuminated sphere that resembles the room, will brighten up your room in no time. The lanterns are non-toxic and are made of glass fiber. Typically, the moon lantern is large enough to light up one whole room, but there are ones small enough to decorate and illuminate the fireplace. Not only is it romantic, but it’s also a nice ornament to create a lovely ambience.

Here’s another option: Buy 10 bulbs and a dark plastic ball. Wrap the lights around the plastic ball and connect the bulbs with a string (choose a strong material for this). Tie the string of lights around the fireplace. Remember to place the plug near the power outlet.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

No need to become the Evil Queen to have the magnificent mirror on your fireplace. You also don’t have to buy a large gilded mirror for this. But you, however, can frame your fireplace with pieces of mirrors. You can have the mirror cut in small fragments and have the edges smoothened. FYI, mirrors make your living room look bigger.


Channel all the energy from the Universe with stones and crystals on the fireplace mantel. You can add raw stones and polished ones for variety. You may also position a big crystal tower in the middle of the fireplace mantel. Gather rose, vanilla, lemon, and lavender incense sticks and arrange them in a vintage bottle. Add a cosmic disc with a rose quartz sphere for that charming vibe. With these elements here, you can have a home free from negativity. There’s nothing but joy in experimenting with these fireplace décor ideas.

There are other fireplace décor ideas worth trying for your home. Go on, get creative and bold!

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