Cool Holiday Fireplace Decor Ideas

During the yuletide season, homeowners like you rush to buy new decors or unearth old ones to accessorize every space in your house. Aside from the mandatory Christmas tree, there are other ornaments that you could add to your living room to give it the holiday spirit.

The fireplace, for instance, is one of the attention-getters in a room. Leave it bare and it would look dull. For Christmas, experiment on the colors and designs that you could apply to your home. These Christmas fireplace décor ideas will surely help you.


Red, white, and green are the usual colors of Christmas. Blue and white resemble the Christmas frost, too. White and gold give holiday ornaments a more elegant look, while other strong hues (such as fuchsia, orange, and purple) make your room lively. The pop of color also represents your personality despite the traditional Christmas colors around you.

Mix and match colors — not just those that have been paired over and over. You can try different pairs. For example, frosty blue and warm fuchsia would create a wonderful contrast. Red Christmas balls on the fireplace mantel placed beside silver snowflake ornaments make a good combination. Another interesting pairing is orange and gold for a brighter room in the yuletide season. These may not be the traditional Christmas colors, but nothing is impossible or wrong when designing.


The decors for Christmas are obvious, as they are the ones you always see at this time of the year: poinsettias, pinecones, wreaths, candy canes, and Christmas balls. There are actually no limits as to what you want for your fireplace mantel decorations, so why not add a bit of your personality into the design? Make your overall yuletide decorations unique. Here are some inspirations:

  • Combine Provençal colors and elements with the Christmas motif. The colors in Southern France are deeper and warmer in shade. Think of vast lavender fields, stones in deep russet, and windows painted in old rose. Add a vintage-looking plate on the fireplace mantel, a few plastic (or real) red berries, evergreens, and gold glitters on the mantel.

  • Create a wildwood Christmas ambience with bare branches planted in a pot, with snowflake ornaments hanging from them. Red geraniums in green bottles also give that effect.
  • You can incorporate earth colors and Christmas elements, too. Brown and red look good together, as well as brown (or gold pinecones) and green wreathes.
  • Try the Japanese “kawaii” culture. Christmas doesn’t have to be all serious and Western. You can try creating the yuletide design using kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) elements. First, line your fireplace mantel with a colored or designed Scotch tape (there are lots of designs to choose from). A plush toy from an anime can pose as the new Jack Frost or Snowman. Use Christmas colors, but these kawaii items should replace the traditional Christmas ornaments.
  • Give your home a Star Wars Christmas, at least for your fireplace mantel. Aside from the mini Christmas trees on the mantel, you can place a number of Stormtrooper Funkopop vinyl figures and arrange them neatly in one row. Since these characters have an all-white ensemble, they can basically represent a snowy Christmas. At the two ends of the row, place a similar vinyl figure of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, with their respective red light sabers. Who says you can’t be geeky during Christmas? Congratulations! You’ve just positioned an army on your fireplace mantel!

  • For a household with kids, having an Adventure Time Christmas would be a blast. Here, Adventure Time refers to the popular TV show from Cartoon Network. If you have small plush versions of the characters, you can arrange them on the fireplace mantel, probably interspersed with decoy Christmas presents. Kids would love the new decors — that’s a guarantee.

Some Other Considerations

Most of the Christmas fireplace décor ideas mentioned in this article are fancy, and might cost you a lot in the preparation alone. There is maintenance to think about too, especially that the yuletide season takes a while. If you are placing figures, fabric decors, and plush goodies such as suggested earlier, take time to clean them every day so they don’t accumulate dust.

You also have to see if your fireplace mantel won’t look too cluttered when you decorate it. While these Christmas fireplace décor ideas suggest that you experiment and be adventurous with your decorating, you also have to consider the space and overall appearance of your fireplace. Putting too much on the surface might distract visitors and give them the impression that your living room is messy.

Lastly, keep your design unique, but not to the extent that it does not symbolize Christmas anymore, or that it does not show your preferences. There are trends and ideas, but you don’t have to decorate your fireplace merely to show off. It must be the result of your conscious choices, your aesthetics, your budgeting, and whatever message for Christmas you want to convey. At the very least, have fun while decorating your fireplace! These Christmas fireplace décor ideas are just the starting point.

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