Best Choice Products Electric Fireplace Review

With 5-star ratings comprising 57% of 140+ verified reviews, Best Choice Products’ SKY1643 model wall-mounted electric fireplace is one of the bestsellers in Perhaps it is due to the fact that this wall-mounted fireplace is one of the most affordable electric fireplaces available in the market for any homeowner today.

This Best Choice Products electric fireplace delivers just what it promises and more. Why? Well, the model SKY1643 fireplace can both be a wall-mounted fireplace and a standalone heater. This is a functionality that not many electric fireplace makers can match. To top that, a unit of this Best Choice Products fireplace only costs about $100.

Best Choice Products Electric Fireplace

More Features of the Best Choice Products SKY1643 Wall Mount Fireplace

  • Uses up to 1500 watts of electricity to generate heat for a small room
  • Has two heat settings: low heat (750 watts) and high heat (1500 watts)
  • With 3D flame technology
  • Zero emissions and energy-efficient
  • Elegant and modern black glass design
  • Comes with battery-operated remote control
  • With timer and safety features
  • UL and CE certified

Best Choice Products’ SKY1643 Fireplace Design

This 2-in-1 electric fireplace is best used as a wall-mounted unit primarily because of its elegant black glass panel, which frames the entire firebox. When used as a wall mount, it is best to place the pebbles (included in the shipped unit) to create a realistic hearth. However, if you wish to use it as a standalone electric heater, you can remove the glass front box and its accompanying accents.

For wall-mounted setups, the electric fireplace will have the following dimensions: Length: 35 inches, Width: 6 inches, and Height: 22 inches. On the other hand, standalone setups will have the following dimensions: Length: 35 inches, Width: 6 inches, and Height: 24.5 inches. The entire electric fireplace will weigh roughly 30 lbs.

Pro tip: If you intend to use the fireplace inside a trailer or RV, make sure to replace the pebbled fire box accents with lighter ones since they will jiggle and make noise when the vehicle is on the road.

Flame Display Believability

With its unique 3D flame technology, the flames shown in this Best Choice Products’ firebox will look real. However, there is no option to change the flame’s color. The flame will only remain orangey-red in color.

Heating Capacity

As mentioned earlier, this Best Choice Products SKY1643 Wall-Mounted Fireplace has dual heat settings that produce 750 Watts and 1500 Watts respectively. This is enough to heat a small room with an area of about 300 square feet. This fireplace can easily be called upon as a supplemental source of heat in your living rooms or bedrooms.

The unit’s coil heaters are tucked safely inside the machine and only spread outward through small and quiet blower fans. If you are worried about the fans’ noise level, don’t be. It only produces minimal and negligible noise, unless you press your ear right in front of the firebox (which you shouldn’t do of course).

Using its remote control, you can change between the different heating modes, set the timer or turn the unit on/off.

Warranty & Pricing Options

As with most products sold in, orders of the Best Choice Products SKY1643 Wall-Mounted Fireplace are shipped for free within the United States. Each unit costs as low as $99.95 to as high as $145. Note that this pricing will depend on the seller.

Each order will also come with free one year service warranty. However, if you wish to have the electric appliance insured, you can extend the warranty period by purchasing a service protection plan for $6.74.

Safety Features

When selecting an electric fireplace, always check if the brand is certified by accredited safety organizations in the country. As for the Best Choice Products SKY1643 Wall-Mounted Fireplace, it is Underwriters Laboratories certified. This means that the unit has undergone thorough quality control inspection by the safety board and ensures it is safe for consumers.

Other safety measures built into this wall-mount fireplace is the timer setting option. This way, you can program the unit to turn off after a set amount of time without overheating the machine. Another safety precaution that you should employ when installing wall-mounts is to leave at least an inch of space between the unit and the wall to allow air to circulate freely and prevent the risk of overheating.

On top of that, most electrical fireplaces are equipped with thermostats to allow you to see the temperature of the heat that the unit is emitting. This way, you can take proper action if the temperature gets too high.

Most importantly, always remember that electric fireplaces should be plugged into standard wall outlets only and not on extension cords to prevent fire risk.

Final Thoughts

The Best Choice Products SKY1643 Wall-Mounted Fireplace did not reach its status of becoming a bestselling portable fireplace without proving its quality. If you are looking for an electric fireplace with both style and substance under a tight budget, then this is the best one for you!

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