Best Dimplex Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2017

The Best Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a trend nowadays due their adaptability and the safety it brings to most homes. You can now even choose if you want an electric fireplace insert to place in an old hearth or you could get a wall-mounted whose flames are as realistic as real fire in a traditional fireplace. Leading these innovations in the world of electric heating is Dimplex.

Dimplex is a U.S. company specializing in electronic heaters, stoves and fireplaces. If you are in the market for the best electric fireplace, you should first look into the Dimplex brand.

Listed below are the top Dimplex electric fireplaces available in 2017 and each unit’s advantages or disadvantages:

Dimplex DF3033ST 33-Inch Self-Trimming Electric Fireplace Insert

Among the best Dimplex products is the DF3033ST 33-inch electric fireplace insert. This means that the DF3033ST model can be placed over a traditional fireplace without having to block up the old hearth.

The Dimplex DF3033ST electric fireplace has a black metallic outer coating making it sleek and modern. This also means that your fireplace will easily match your living room’s décor. The entire electric fireplace insert only weighs 7 lbs and has the following dimensions: Length: 32.8 inches x Width: 9.1 inches x Height: 23.8 inches.

As with any Dimplex electric devices, the Dimplex DF3033ST has adjustable flame display. You can choose the intensity of the burning flames displayed on the screen. This is perfect if you want to control the ambience of the room where your fireplace is in. The digital display can show a roaring fire or a sizzling ember display without compromising the heat generated by the device.

The unit’s heating settings is highly adjustable. You can turn it on or off at any time. As mentioned earlier, you can program the device to emit heat while not showing flame display, or vice versa.

To prevent overheating, the Dimplex DF3033ST has its own automatic timer and a temperature limiter switch. The unit also comes with a remote control. This way, you can adjust any of the settings at a distance away from the electric fireplace.

Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

The model DFI2309 electric fireplace is another fireplace insert from Dimplex. It weighs about 33 pounds and will fit in an existing fireplace that at least has the following dimensions: Length: 25.5 inches, Height: 21 inches, and Width: 13 inches.

The Dimplex DFI2309 electric fireplace is lauded as one of the Dimplex products that have very realistic flames. This model is also suitable for tight spaces.

Among the standard features in Dimplex electronic heating devices are the following: adjustable heating (you can choose between Full Heat, Half Heat, or Flame only options), Quiet Built-in Fan and Heater, patented flame technology, 1375 watts operation, and automatic on/off remote control.

With all these features, it is no surprise that the Dimplex DFI2309 electric fireplace is one of the most reviewed and rated portable fireplace products in

A newer model called the Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace is now available. This model further improves on the previous DFI2309 while still working with a 1375 watts heater that has a heating capacity of 4,574 BTUs. This is enough to heat up a 400 square feet room.

Dimplex Symphony Media Langley TV Stand with Electric Fireplace in Espresso

Dimplex does not only manufacture electric fireplace inserts but they also make TV stand fireplaces. These types of electric fireplaces are suitable for homeowners that do not have an existing fireplace in their houses but want the touch of elegance that a fireplace brings without actually building a real fireplace.

The TV stand fireplace from Dimplex called Symphony Media Langley TV Stand is a great example of function meets style. This electric fireplace is built into an espresso-colored cabinet. The electric fireplace is located on the lower middle portion of the media console while there is enough room atop the console for a TV, other appliances, books, vases, and other decorations. The electric fireplace screen fits seamlessly with the wooden console that you will not notice the firebox is not real.

Just like other Dimplex fireplaces, the Langley Electric Fireplace can be remotely operated. It operates in 1440 watts and heats up to 4,915 BTUs (enough for a 400 square feet room). It has an automatic timer controls, thermostat controls, and auto shut-off mechanisms to prevent fire.

Dimplex’s patented flame display technology is also applied in the Langley electric fireplace. This means that you get the same realistic burning embers when the fireplace is turned on minus the smoke and aftercare needed in traditional fireplaces.

Final Thoughts

This 2017, you should invest in quality Dimplex products if you want to make the time spent in your home warm and cozy. Getting an electric fireplace would be the next logical step for you if you want a safe alternative in heating up your homes.

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