Best Duraflame Electric Fireplace Reviews 2017

Must-have Duraflame Electric Fireplace This 2017

If you are looking for a reliable brand that produces high quality and durable electric fireplace units, then you should definitely check out Duraflame. The company started out in 1968 as a fire log manufacturer. Thanks to their dedication and innovation in home heating, they grew into a big company.

Up to this day, they are still one of the leading producers of quality firewood, but they have also branched to other home heating essentials such as fireplaces, heaters, fire starters, and a whole lot more.

Most of Duraflame’s electric log sets are known for their energy saving LED technology that can produce realistic flame effects while keeping your electricity bills low. In addition, a lot of their products are also compact and portable, making them ideal for small rooms or apartments. Check out the list below to see the best Duraflame space heaters that you can get for your home!

  1. Duraflame Pendleton Electric Stove Heater, Black

Despite its cute and portable appearance, this electric stove can dish out enough heat to warm up a 400 square feet room. It features a sturdy metallic frame coated with a black finish.

In the middle of the heater is the firebox that features flickering, realistic flame effects, glowing logs, and an ember bed. The effects provide a cozy ambience to any room. Even if you do not activate the heater, the flames can still be activated so you can enjoy it all year round.

Another good thing is that the heater stays cool to the touch so it is safe to use, even if there are kids or pets around. Included in this set is a

  1. Carleton Electric Stove with Heater, Black

This one is similar to the Pendleton heater except that it is squarer and more compact. If you really want to save a lot of floor space, then you should definitely get this product.

It has a 4,600 BTU heater that can provide additional warmth to a 400 square feet living room. It may not have burning firewood, but it still has glowing flames that can add ambience to any home.

To avoid overheating, the Carleton Firestove has a special function that automatically shuts it down once it has achieved the desired temperature.

  1. Cream Infrared Fireplace Stove with Remote

Are you tired of the usual black or brown electric furnaces sold on the market? A cream-colored one may be to your liking then. This infrared fireplace has a pristine, cream color that is suited for homes with a minimalist design. And unlike other heating units, this one uses infrared technology to provide supplemental warmth to a 1000 square feet room.

The decorative side screens allow you to view the bright flames dancing in the middle of the heater. Thanks to mid-size construction, it is easy to move it around your home.

  1. Duraflame Mason Freestanding Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove, Black

Thanks to its freestanding design, you do not have to pay a lot of money for installation. In addition, the Mason quartz fireplace is easy to move around your home. This unit uses infrared heat to warm up the place without making it feel dry. The details in the frame preserve the traditional look of a wooden door handle. The heater uses up to 5,200 BTU to add supplemental zone warmth to up to 1,000 square feet.

  1. Duraflame Infrared Rolling Mantel

This unit boasts of 3 infrared quartzes as a heating element. This will allow you to add warmth to any room in a safer and more cost-efficient manner. Its heat output can reach up to 5,200 BTU, which is enough warm up a 1,000 square feet living room. The quartz heating elements can be used for up to 20,000 hours so you do not have to buy one for a long time. And to conserve energy, the unit can also be used without activating the heater.

This rolling mantel perfectly replicates a traditional fireplace, except it is more compact and easy to use. It comes with a digital thermostat for quicker adjustment of temperature and brightness settings to change the intensity of the flickering flames. To protect the surface of this space heater, it is coated and sealed with a protective lacquer. The elegant black tone is vibrant and will not fade away easily.

  1. Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove w/ Remote (Black)

If you want a simple-looking, modern fireplace that is packed with features, then this heating unit is surely for you! The metal frame is durable but compact. In the middle is a log set and ember bed that produces realist flames. The unit is specially made for zone heating a 400 square feet room. It has an adjustable thermostat behind the door, but you can also adjust the fan and flame speed using the remote control included in the package.

These are just some of the best Duraflame electric fireplaces that you can find today. What’s your favorite?

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