Best Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center Reviews

What’s The Best Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center?

Electric fireplaces does not only come as standalone wall-mounted devices or as old fireplace inserts. They are now incorporated into media centers and can act as a TV stand, a storage unit, and of course, as a heat source. This multifunctional ingenuity, homeowners now think of an electric fireplace as an indispensible piece of furniture.

If you are shopping for an entertainment center with a built-in electric fireplace, there are many brands to choose from. Listed below are the top five electric fireplaces that come with a TV stand/media center console to help be informed on what fireplace model will best fit your needs.

Dwyer 57-inch TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Finish


The Dwyer TV Stand with Electric Fireplace is manufactured by Muskoka. This unit is available with a burnished pecan finish, making it look like a traditional yet classy cabinet. It has a wide rectangular space above the firebox where you can place other devices like CD/DVD players, books, or other small pieces of decoration. On either side of the fireplace are two storage shelves fitted with matching wooden doors.

The Dwyer electric fireplace can be remote control-operated. You can change the flame display mode, the heating capacity, and even program the unit’s automatic shut down timer. The entire entertainment console plus electric fireplace unit weighs about 177 lbs.

This unit can heat up to 400 square feet of space in an hour. It can be plugged directly into a 120-volt electrical outlet. You do not have to worry about frequent cleanups since the unit is wholly-powered by electricity and no real wood burned.

Better Homes and Gardens Media Electric Fireplace Ashwood Road

Another TV stand-type of electric fireplace is Better Homes & Gardens’ Media Electric Fireplace Ashwood Road. It comes in brown-colored wood. It can fit flatscreen TVs up to 45-inches.

The electric fireplace is located at the bottom center of the whole media console and measures 44 inches in length, 15 inches in depth, and 32.5 inches in height. The whole unit weighs about 124 lbs.

The Ashwood Road electric fireplace and media center console is smaller in overall size compared to other faux fireplace and TV stand types. Despite this, you can still fit in DVD or Blu-Ray players at the storage shelf located on top of the electric fireplace. The unit has pre-cut holes at the back to fit electrical wires, unnoticeable from anyone looking from the front of the furniture. It also has two side compartments where you can place smaller items like CDs, DVDs or books.

As with any electric fireplace, it is designed to heat up a 400 square feet room and can generate up to 4600 BTUs. This electric media fireplace comes with a remote control. You can change the flame and heat settings and also program the sleep timer using the remote or through the manual switches located on the firebox.

Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace

The Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Electric Fireplace is an elegant piece of entertainment console. It comes in black wood and can fit any flatscreen TVs up to 70-inches in length.

This unit operates in 1500 watts and is able to generate up to 4700 BTUs. It comes with a remote control where you can adjust the temperature settings and modify the flame image display. The on-screen controls that comes with the Altra Electric Fireplace is located on upper right portion of the firebox unit.

The Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand has two storage shelves on each side of the firebox. You can also place other items on top of the console if your TV is not that heavy. Overall, this TV stand/electric fireplace combination is perfect for homeowners who want a fashionable modern day feel for their living rooms.

Real Flame Hawthorne Electric Fireplace

Real Flame’s Hawthorne Electric Fireplace is another entertainment center type of faux fireplace. This fireplace comes in burnished oak finish and is mostly made of veneer and wood, giving it a classy look. On each side of the firebox is storage shelves divided into three levels. You can easily place books, figurines and other small media devices for decoration. The entire unit weighs about 66 lbs.

The Hawthorne electric fireplace runs in 1400 watts of electricity and can generate up to 4780 BTU per hour. Similar to other electric fireplaces, it comes with a handy remote where you can set the timer, change the temperature, and control the flame intensity.

Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Fireplace

The Pleasant Hearth Elliot Media Fireplace (model #248-44-34M) is one of the best-selling entertainment center type of portable fireplaces in Its classic design coupled with the functional fireplace and price justifies its worth to most verified purchasers of the unit.

The electric fireplace is located in the bottom center portion of the console and is elegantly curved to match the entire unit’s aesthetics. It has two side storage cabinets with doors and a top storage shelf for smaller devices like DVD/CD players. It can fit flatscreen TVs that are approximately up to 50 inches. The entire unit weighs up to 81.4 lbs.

This electric fireplace operates on 1350 watts and can heat up a 400 square feet room easily in an hour. You can automatically adjust the temperature and flame settings with its remote control.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an entertainment center/electric fireplace unit can be a difficult task since you have to consider not only the faux fireplace’s features but also how the media center console will look and feel in your own living room. But don’t stress it out too much. Trust your instincts and you will know when you see that right electric fireplace.


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