5 of the Best Fireplace Tongs

5 of the Best Fireplace Tongs

Contrary to popular belief, not all fireplace tongs are created. You’d be amazed to see the many things an excellent fireplace tong can do for you to enjoy the winter. But what characteristics make up the best fireplace tongs exactly? Ease of use and durability are the top two requirements, but after checking out the best fireplace tongs in the market today – you’ll note that there’s actually more than just that.

Here are some of the top tongs sold today and they’re exactly considered the best in the market:

Homebasix Fireplace Tongs

Measuring 26 inches and made from cast iron, the best thing about this model is its length, which extends up to 26 inches. This ensures that you’ll be far away from the fire even as you move logs around and keep the fire going. You will definitely need two hands to move logs around with these tongs. On the plus side, however, the weight means that children are unlikely to use this, ensuring parents of their safety.

Even with the iron however, the tongs are remarkably light – no more than 2 pounds when carried. This, plus the fact that you can fold them into a convenient size, makes them ideal for camping. Store them in the car and bring them with you to beaches, forests and other prime camping spots. Made with highly durable materials, there’s no question that these tongs will last for years with the proper use.

1 X Epica Fireplace Tongs

Best used for grills, fire pits, and of course – fireplaces, this scissor type fireplace tong has a 4 out of 5 star rating given by buyers. Because of the scissor like engineering, you can fold the tongs into a smaller size, making it perfect for campers. It measures roughly 26 inches when fully extended so you’ll never have to worry about getting close to the fire when moving logs.

You will need two hands to use this tong, depending on the kind of log you’re moving around. On the plus side, however, the weight of the grabber is just 1.6 pounds, which is definitely less heavy than most fireplace tongs today. As with all fireplace tongs, the Epica is made of thick iron with a classic black finish to hide burn and ash marks better.

Log Claw Grabber – 40 Inches

Remarkably longer than the other fireplace tongs in the list, this log grabber is also heavier at 2.5 pounds. Still, 2.5 is a negligible weight so you can easily bring this item around for campfires or bonfires. Made from solid construction of steel tubular, the grabber is made completely black to make the burn marks less noticeable. Covered by a one year limited warranty, this particular product is a straightforward mechanism, which requires you to use two firm hands when moving the wood to and from the fireplace.

Due to its length however, you’ll be given more distance between the fireplace, further improving safety. Ideal for campfires or bonfires that expel too much heat, the Log Claw Grabber keeps you within the safe zone even as you add more logs to the fire.

Grill Daddy Tongs

The Grill Daddy Tong is a little different from the others available today, but that’s what makes it a favorite among many buyers. With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the market, the tongs come with a heat shield to keep you protected while handling logs. The item is also built with a power leverage handle, making it easier for you to grab logs and move them around. This same leverage handle can be locked in place, making it easier to store the product in the car or even on the side of the fireplace.

Although most of the body is made from heavy duty stainless steel, the handles are infused with nylon capable of resisting high temperatures to make it easier to grasp. Rust proof and 28 inches long, it’s well within the typical length of fireplace tongs. The weight of the item, however, is a little heavier than most, which is roughly 3.3 pounds.

Landmann 1537 36-inch Log Grabber

If you’re not a fan of the scissor-type log grabber, then you’ll probably like the Landmann 1537. Measuring 36 inches, the length ensures that you won’t be exposed to too much heat when transferring logs. It’s made from durable materials with a weight of roughly 2.2 pounds. To grab logs, you’ll have to pull onto a lever for the claws to grab the wood firmly. What’s great here is that it uses 3 claws, instead of just 2, so you’ll be doubly sure that the log doesn’t just slip out of your grasp.

The lever-style, however, usually affords a weaker capacity when it comes to the logs you grab. Simply put, you’ll have to chop the logs into smaller and thinner pieces to use them for the Landmann, specifically around 8 inches in diameter.

Of course, those are just some of the best fireplace tongs in the market today. Check out more to find what you’re looking for.

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