Best Ivory Electric Fireplaces

Best Ivory Electric Fireplaces

You might be already thinking of having a fireplace, but you’re not all too excited about the mess associated with the burning of wood, coal, or natural gas.  Maybe maintaining a conventional fireplace is out of the question since you live in the city and you do not have a chimney or do not have the resources to construct one.  Perhaps it’s time that you consider having an electric fireplace.

There are a lot of electric fireplaces to choose from online.  Some of them can even be shipped for free or with minimal cost. To save you time, listed here are a few ivory electric fireplaces that you may want to consider.

Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace

Ivory finished in color, with soft traditional style, and classic brick style interior, this one will add subtle elegance into your home.  It has multicolor flames that glow and flicker in a lifelike manner.  It also has burning logs with dynamic embers for an authentic look.  You can easily adjust your “fire” to the brightness or dimness that you want.

There is also an optional down light illumination offered by energy saving LED bulbs. This piece can provide heat for an area as big as 400 square feet.  It has a temperature adjustment at 4-degree intervals from 62 to 82 degrees.  This electric fireplace can be used with or without a home heater.

This can also be easily operated through a remote control that adjusts the logs, the flames, the thermostat, and the timer separately. Once turned off, the logs and flames slowly turn down. For those with children at home, its safety feature includes a child safety lock that is accessible through the remote control.

It has a safe, self-regulating heater that turns off when the temperature is met.  Its surface glass does not heat up as well.  This electric fireplace measures 44.75” across, 14” in diameter, and 40.25” in height.  It can support a mantel weighing up to 85 pounds.

Dublin Ivory Electric Fireplace

If you are a book lover who likes to read in front of the fire, this one is for you. This product features six (6) fixed shelves so there is plenty of room for your favorite books. Designed with sturdy shelves, you can display your keepsakes here and you can share the space with other members of the family with you.

You can imagine yourself reading in front of a real fire place as your own electric fireplace glows with lifelike flames complete with embers from burning logs.  It is convenient to operate with a remote control to adjust the flames and the logs.  The remote can also be used to adjust the thermostat or to set the timer.  It would take the fireplace about an hour to heat up a 1,500 cubic feet room up to 50 to 70 degrees.

You do not have to worry about overheating as this electric fireplace has a safe-regulating heater that automatically shuts the heating component off when the temperature is just as you desire.  Despite the heat that the electric fireplace generates, its surface glass maintains its cool temperature to make it safe to touch.

When you turn the electric fireplace off, the logs and flames gradually fade.  It boasts of energy efficient LED bulbs with long life. It can conveniently be plugged into a standard wall outlet with its 6-feet electrical cord.  This electric fireplace is made with a combination of materials including metal, glass, and resin as well as poplar, MDF, and polyresin.

The firebox front measures 20 inches high and 23 inches wide and the mantel measures 40 inches wide and 14 inches deep. The bookcase top is 37.75 inches high, 17.75 inches wide and 11 inches deep. With classic brick style interior and optional down light illumination, you can enjoy this electric fireplace year round without a heater.

Carrington Faux Slate Convertible Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a rustic looking traditional style fireplace that successfully lends style and character to your living space, this is for you.  The square tiled firebox is flanked by rounded columns on either side.  It has an ivory finish that is accented with earth-tone tiles.  Installation is versatile as well since it can be installed in corner spaces as well as against flat walls.

Multicolor flames flicker in a lifelike manner.  The same realism can be observed with the embers and glowing logs.  The intensity of the fire can also be adjusted easily with the use of a remote control.

It has a classic brick style interior and optional down light illumination powered by energy efficient LED bulbs. This piece can supplement heat for up to 400 square feet with temperature settings from 62 to 82 degrees. The temperature can be adjusted by 4 degree intervals so you are sure to get the temperature that you like.

Just like the other electric fireplaces mentioned here, this brand comes with a remote control for ease of use in turning the flames and embers up or down.

There are also several safety features in place. This fireplace has a child safety lock that can be activated with the use of the remote control. It also has a self-regulating heater that turns off when the desired temperature is met.  The surface glass remains cool to the touch to so accidental burns are prevented.

A flat panel TV up to 42.5 inches wide can sit on top of this 42.5 in x 44.5 in x 16.75 in of this electric fireplace.  This is a great combination of functionality and style.

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