The Best Vintage Fireplace Screen

Pleasant Hearth’s Preston 31” Fireplace Screen as the Best Vintage Fireplace Screen

If you are on the lookout for the best vintage fireplace screen, the Preston 31” Fireplace Screen by Pleasant Hearth is a great contender. According to many consumers, you are less likely to regret the decision to take it home.  Since it comes in a classy design, it contributes elegance to fireplace openings.

Granted that the size of your traditional fireplace is somewhere around 25” to 35”, consider the purchase of this fireplace screen. As many consumers would agree, it is an amazing addition to the homes of fireplace-owners.

Additionally, it earns the industry’s approval not only because of its classy design. It is made with first-grade materials, too!

About the Preston Fireplace Screen

The Pleasant Hearth 31” Preston Fireplace Screen is a contemporary fireplace screen. Since it features a design with 3 panels and a handle, you can set it up around many fireplace (standard-sized) openings. An iron frame is built for support.

It is constructed with solid steel. Compared to other materials, it is strong. Since it is known to provide consistency when it comes to quality, it is less likely to split, rot, or crack.

Alongside, this vintage fireplace screen’s material has a high tolerance for heat. In fact, it is even fire-resistant. It is safe to install in your home.

Many consider it as the best vintage fireplace screen since it is not short of class. Minimalists, especially, are glad they purchased this fireplace screen. According to them, with it, they enjoy the benefits of a fireplace without worrying too much about clean up.

Fireplace Screen Features

The Preston 31” Screen is designed to serve as a great solution to concerns with loose sparks and embers when your fireplace is up and running. It can protect furniture, floors, and other items inside your home. It can even protect you from the possibly harsh effects of your fireplace’s heat.

Pleasant Hearth or the GHP Group is the one that brings the Preston Fireplace Screen to you. The GHP group is a dependable creator of log sets, accessories, electric fireplaces, and different heating options for American households.

Since the Preston Fireplace 31” Screen is a product from a reputable group, its quality meets industry standards. As suggested by its maker’s reputation, it is durable and functional.

Product details:

  • 52’ (L) X 0.5” (W) X 31” (H) X 0.5” (DH)
  • 14.3 lbs.
  • Model FA016SA
  • 3 panels and handle
  • Classic powder-coated finish
  • Sturdy, black, iron-made frame
  • Sparkling steel mesh screen
  • Crossed lines

The Vintage Screen’s Likability

The 31” Preston Screen is praise-worthy in its industry. It is a top-selling product. It does not fall short of the ideal best vintage fireplace screen.  Simply looking at it can brighten your day.

It is a plus that it does not require complex assembly. Once unpacked, you can use it. It does not require work on latches. Since it comes in a single piece, you can set it up and in a fireplace opening immediately.

Words from Consumers

Pleasant Hearth’s Fireplace 31” Screen is received well by the majority of consumers. All over the internet, there are heaps of positive reviews about it. Many people like the fact that it is both functional and decorative.

On the other hand, there might be a few minor concerns with this vintage fireplace screen (e.g. cheap hinges, sharp spike, and rather uneven construction). According to some, revisions would be appreciated. Nevertheless, it garnered satisfactory consumer reviews overall.

An advantage that numerous consumers acknowledge is it affordability. It is relatively inexpensive. It is yours for around $60 to $80. Compared to other fireplace screens in the same category, it serves as a great deal. If given the chance, many consumers consider taking it home the 2nd time around. They would purchase it as a present for family and friends.

Some consumers’ positive comments about the fireplace screen:

  • “…excellent in the front of our rectangle hearth.”
  • “…adds character to fireplace.”
  • “…lightweight and well-made.”
  • “…fits great in a 30” fireplace opening.”

The Final Word on the Vintage Fireplace Screen

In summation, it is not difficult to see why the Preston 31” Fireplace Screen is considered as the best vintage fireplace screen. There is a lineup of available vintage screens, and it is one of the best-sellers. Due to its overall quality, it continues to win the hearts of fireplace-owners. It is very stable and durable.

When it comes to attractiveness, it is laudable, too. For huge fans of vintage products, this fireplace screen is a winner. Its clean look and simple design are among the reasons why it remains to be a favorite!

If you have a fireplace, build a fire and enjoy the whole scenario with this elegant screen to match. Whether you have an old or a new house, this vintage fireplace screen can add class to your home.

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