Classic Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review

Classic Flame is one of the leading manufacturers of electric fireplaces in the market today. They are most well-known for their wall-mounted electric fireplaces that demonstrate both functionality and design elegance. The Classic Flame Felicity Infrared Fireplace model 47II100GRG is a good example of this.

If you are redecorating your home or just looking for a well-designed electric heater, the Felicity Infrared Electric Fireplace will be right up your alley.

Classic Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Classic Flame Felicity Fireplace (model 47II100GRG) Features

Here are the main features of the model 47II100GRG that should make you rethink your electric fireplace choices:

    • Heating Capacity: 5200 BTU
    • Intended Heating Area: up to 1000 square feet
    • Heat Source: Built-in Infrared Quartz crystals
    • Heat Levels: High Heat, Low Heat, No Heat
    • Flame Effect: Adjustable On/Off
    • Firebox Design: 3 flame brightness settings to choose from
    • Others: Includes LED sidelights in 5 colors (blue, amber, amber/blue, random colors, off)

Classic Flame Felicity Electric Fireplace Design

Classic Flame’s Felicity electric fireplace is first and foremost a wall-mounted fireplace and will include the necessary wall-mounting hardware needed, but you can also use it as a standalone fireplace since it comes with a custom stand. Or, you can have the whole fireplace recessed into a wall. This is another feature that most homeowners find useful. However, remember to leave at least one inch of breathing space between the unit and the entire wall to allow air to circulate.

The Felicity 47-inch wall mount fireplace sports a black glass frame. The model 47II100GRG’s dimensions are as follows: 47 inches in length, 23.4 inches in height, and 10.2 inches in width. The whole unit weighs only about 52.4 lbs.

You can choose between three different media types: fire glass, faux driftwood, or river rocks. Each unit will come with all three options and you can change the firebox accents depending on your preference or the ambience you are trying to achieve in your room.

On the right portion of the firebox screen appears the electronic display that will indicate the temperature, timer setting, flame brightness and sidelight color option. The unit also comes with a remote control.

The built-in sidelights are purely decorative. They are made of tiny LED bulbs and you can choose between five different color options: blue, amber (yellowish-brown), blue-amber, random color, or no color at all.

Flame Display Believability

Classic Flame has its own trademarked Spectrafire™ technology employed on the model 47II100GRG electric fireplace’s flame display. This means that you can choose between three blue flame brightness options or opt for a more traditional-looking fire. Other owners of the Felicity 47” fireplace report that the fire looks most realistic in a darkened room. If you get this unit, be sure to test this out.

Heating Capacity

For a wall-mounted type of electric fireplace, the Classic Flame Felicity unit is a powerful one. As mentioned earlier, it can generate up to 5200 BTU of heat per hour, enough to warm an area 1000 square foot. However, the model 47II100GRG fireplace is best used in zonal heating.

Heat is generated by the model 47II100GRG with the use of the infrared quartz crystals inside the machine. This heat is then forced out of the unit through a vent located on the front top portion of the firebox screen. The heat is blown downwards (towards the floor) to ensure that no equipment or furniture located above it is repeatedly heated.  This is an ideal setup if you place an electric fireplace beneath a flatscreen TV.

You can easily adjust the unit’s thermostat in 2-degree increments using the remote control. You also have the option for the unit to emit heat while not showing the simulated flames or showing the fire display without the heat.

Pricing Options and Warranty

The Classic Flame model 47II100GRG electric fireplace retails for about $402 to $455 over at amazon with free shipping. The unit also comes with a one year service warranty. Used or refurbished units may come cheaper but will not usually include a free service warranty.

Usually, pricing are the best offers, but another option is by buying through local store outlets or independent dealers in your area. If it is cheaper that way then go for it.

Putting it All Together

Choosing an electric fireplace can be overwhelming especially if there are hundreds of brands and models to choose from. It is important to set your priority first in terms of the ideal fireplace that you want. For example, if you have a specific budget, only look at models that match this criterion. On the other hand, if you are looking for aesthetically-pleasing wall mounts, go research ahead on the fireplaces that match this description.

Once you have done that, you will have an easier time in your purchasing process, and don’t forget, the Classic Flame Felicity model is one of the best wall-mounted electric fireplaces there is.

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