Dimplex CS1205 Freestanding Electric Fireplace Review

The Dimplex CS1205 Freestanding Electric Fireplace is on the list of top-of-the-line electric fireplaces. Since its design and heating functions are admirable, it’s great to have around in a room. It’s easy-to-operate and it’s an energy-saver, too. For satisfied users, the indoor product is definitely worth checking out.

If you’re entertaining the decision of buying the particular electric fireplace, gathering further details about it is best.

Dimplex CS1205 Freestanding Electric Fireplace Review

About the Dimplex CS1205

The Freestanding Dimplex Fireplace is a CSA-certified indoor fireplace. By creating heat, it can add warmth to a place, then improve the air quality within. It produces heat without the inconvenience of unpleasant odors. It is a perfect choice for homeowners who reside in condominiums, lofts, and apartment complexes.

The fireplace also serves as an amazing decorative piece. It can enhance the comforting aspect of a place. With a simple design, it doesn’t attract too much attention. Since it comes in a solid black color, the elegance it offers can complement a limited area easily. It’s a good addition to rooms of various styles.

How It Works

The CS1205 Electric Fireplace by Dimplex is an excellent provider of supplemental heat. It works by directly converting electricity into heat, then releasing it into the atmosphere. Granted that the closed room is small, the warmth from the heater can dissipate evenly.

Its concept is similar to that of standard fireplaces; its purpose is to create heat and add warmth. The difference is that it doesn’t require major remodeling or the installation of venting systems. To start using it, simply find a suitable location then plug into a standard 110V outlet.

Product Specifications, Features & Pros & Cons


  • 19” (L) x 25” (W) x 15” (H) product dimensions
  • 36” firebox width
  • 1 lbs.
  • Incandescent bulb type
  • 5120 BTU per hour heat output
  • CS1205 Dimplex model
  • Logs (fuel bed)
  • 120 V
  • 12 amps
  • 1500 wattage
  • Traditional electric stove product style


  • Automatic shut off
  • Dual heater settings (high and low)
  • Flame box
  • Free-stand mounting type
  • High-quality heater
  • Patented flame technology
  • Silent self-adjusting fan


  • It features an elegant design; it suits traditional and modern rooms
  • It features easy set up; after selecting an ideal location and ensuring a connection to a standard outlet, it is usable immediately
  • Its energy consumption rate is more than 50% slower compared to gas
  • Its surfaces remain cool and aren’t harmful to touch even with prolonged use
  • With a high-quality heater, it distributes heat in a room of up to 400 sq. ft.
  • With a silent self-adjusting fan, operations have a low chance of causing disturbance
  • With a patented flame technology, it creates realistic flames
  • The heater comes with high and low settings, the distributable heat is controllable
  • With an automatic shut-off feature, the heater will automatically switch off and prevent occurrences of overheating
  • With low energy-consumption, it offers affordable and relatively better air quality
  • With the separation of the heater and the flame box, it enables heat production without the flames


  • It doesn’t come with a remote control
  • It doesn’t come with a timer

Dimplex’s CS1205 is a small innovative product. Its size is rather outstanding. For its performance, you’d be surprised at how a small product can cause big improvements in a room. It’s just like most products; it comes with a couple of minor drawbacks. However, since its cons only cause a bit of inconvenience, it retains a great reputation as an indoor fireplace.

Opinions on Flame Effects

The freestanding Dimplex fireplace has earned a lot of fans. With top-grade decorative purpose and functionality, it enhances the look and feel inside a room. As many proud consumers say, having it around gives them a reason to remain in the same area. For them, they prefer to switch on the fireplace together with the flame effects. Especially in the dark, the artificial flames are pleasant.

On the other hand, the Dimplex CS1205’s design of a patented flame technology led to a few people’s disappointment. Some consumers are unsatisfied by the flame effects. Its production of glowing logs and embers are rather unattractive for others. According to the unhappy group, it would be better if the flames didn’t come with glows from logs and embers; they’d be more realistic.

The Final Word: Is the Product Worth Buying?

Judging by the design and overall functionality of the Dimplex CS1205 Freestanding Electric Fireplace, you could say that it’s worth buying. For its price of around $100 to $120, its offered convenience is a great deal. Since its manufacturer is Dimplex (a reliable supplier of electric fireplaces since 1991), you are guaranteed that it comes with quality.

The product is a great addition to your kitchen or any preferred room in the house. Its portability is a benefit. It doesn’t occupy big space, which makes it ideal for tiny residences. Like the usual electric fireplaces, it’s very economical. Since it doesn’t produce actual flames, worry not regarding carbon footprints and toxic emissions.

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