Onyx 50” Black Electric Fireplace Review

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are much-desired design elements if you want to make a living room look more elegant and contemporary without losing the functionality of your living room furniture. If you are looking to achieve this result then look no further than Touchstone’s Onyx 50” Electric Fireplace.

Onyx 50 Black Electric Fireplace Review

Onyx 50” Electric Fireplace Features

Touchstone is the manufacturer of the Onyx electric fireplaces. In this fireplace model, the manufacturers poured in their extensive R&D knowledge to ensure that they will create a bestselling smokeless fireplace. Here is a rundown of its main features:

  • Generates up to 5100 BTUs per hour
  • Covers up to 400 square meters
  • Has Dual Heat Settings
  • Elegant Black Glass Panel Design
  • Can be fully recessed into walls
  • Packed with Safety Features like Timer Setting and Heat Override
  • Most Realistic Flame Display
  • Covered by 1 Year Service Warranty

Onyx 50” Fireplace Design

The Onyx 50-inch wide wall-mounted electric fireplace is available in two colors: black and white. This is perfect for those who need a fireplace that will match differently colored walls. The unit weighs about 50 lbs so you may need someone else’s help in lifting the fireplace towards the wall mount. Other than that, it is relatively easy to install since the unit will come with its own mounting brackets and screws.

The unit is 50.4 inches wide, 5.5 inches thick and 21.6 inches tall. There are no firebox accents but the entire flame display screen is pre-built. Still, you can choose the flame setting depending on the ambience or setting you are trying to achieve.

The flames look really realistic especially in dim light or at night. Just like any other electric fireplace, you can view the flames without the heat or vice versa. You can also choose between five flame display settings – from faint burning embers to a roaring hearth.

Pro tip: The Onyx fireplace releases heat through a vent located at the front top portion of the fireplace, so always install the Onyx fireplace 24 inches below the ceiling or below your flat screen TV.

Heating Capacity

Touchstone’s Onyx wall-mounted fireplace generates up to 5100 BTUs per hour, enough to warm a room with an area of 400 square feet or less. You can switch between High Heat or Low Heat settings with or without the flame display showing. If you intend the Onyx fireplace to be a primary heat source, its heating capacity is perfect for small rooms, apartments, mobile homes, or any smaller space. However, if you have a bigger house or living room, the Onyx fireplace is perfect as a supplemental zone heating device.

This fireplace’s firebox has a glass covering, but it will not become hot so it is perfectly safe for pets and children in your home. At the back part of the fireplace is the heater’s switch that you can turn on/off as desired. This allows the unit to be recessed into a wall without worrying about overheating it.

Safety Features

Aside from the heater override switch safety feature, the Onyx wall-mount fireplace also comes with a timer. You can set it between 30 minutes to 7 ½ hours and after which, the fireplace will automatically turn off. You don’t have to worry about overheating fireplace or high electricity bills because you forgot to turn off the unit while you slept.

The Onyx wall-mount fireplace comes with a battery-operated remote control so it’s convenient to change the heat or flame settings from your remote. However, if this is not working, the fireplace has manual switches located on the side of the unit that you can use.

Pro tip: After mounting the Onyx fireplace, make sure that it is plugged to its own standard wall outlet. If you can arrange for the unit to have its own breaker, that will be a better setup to ensure its longer life.

Onyx 50” Black Electric Fireplace Review 2

Pricing & Warranty

Touchstone’s Onyx 50” wide wall-mounted fireplace costs between $298 and $300 in Amazon. This rate also covers free shipping to anywhere within the United States. Other sellers may offer the unit at a lower price but they may not offer free shipping. If you think the price’s too high, you can always look for used or refurbished Onyx units in the site. They will definitely cost lower but may not come with a service warranty.

Orders for brand new Onyx electric fireplaces on Amazon.com are covered by a one year service warranty. You also have the option to avail of a service protection plan for your purchased unit and extend its warranty by 1 to 2 years. Service plans costs between $16 and $22.

It’s Now Your Turn

The Onyx fireplace seems to have it all. Elegant design? Check. Powerful heating capacity? Check. Safety features? Check. Realistic flame display? Check. Affordable price? A big check!

So what are you waiting for? Do you still need a little convincing on whether the Onyx 50” Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is right for your home?


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