Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Slim Electric Fireplace Review

The Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford fireplace is a freestanding electric fireplace. Its slim body allows it to be mounted on nearest walls, camouflaging as if part of the room’s original decoration. If you are a new homeowner, you can plan the rest of the room around its color and design. Or if you already have an existing living room setup, the Crawford fireplace will add not only warmth but also elegance to your current room.


Heating Capacity

There are many slim electric fireplaces available today, but it is Real Flame’s 8020E-W electric fireplace that catch most people’s attention due to its ergonomic design and consistent heating capacity. It has a 1400 Watts-powered heater that can generate up to 4700 BTU per hour.

4700 BTUs is enough to heat a 400 square feet room. If your living room is slightly larger, the Crawford fireplace can still warm up the place with no problem, but it make a little more time. Heat is released through tiny vents located on the top front portion of the firebox. The heat can be turned off while only showing the flames, or it can be turned on while not showing the flames.

Since this is an electric fireplace, there is no real fire. The logs and flames shown on the firebox display are digital recreations of an actual hearth. The flame display screen does not heat up either, so they are safe to touch for children and even pets.

Crawford Electric Fireplace Design

The mantel of the Crawford electric fireplace is made of solid wood and layered medium density fiberboard (MDF). The fireplace is inspired after classic architecture. It has fluted columns on the sides and the mantel’s top board is elegantly trimmed.  It is available in two colors or finishes: white and chestnut oak.

The Real Flame 8020E-W fireplace weighs about 87 lbs. Its dimensions are:  Length: 47.4 inches, Width:  9.5 inches, Height: 41.9 inches. The small width lends it its classification as a slim electric fireplace.

The firebox display can be remote-controlled and you can adjust the thermostat, timer, flame brightness and flame color with it. Manual controls or switches are also present on the upper right corner of the firebox.

Fireplace Installation

The Crawford electric fireplace is shipped in two boxes: one for the mantel and another for the firebox. You will need to assemble the unit before you can use it. An easy-to-follow manual is included along with an Allen wrench, so you can use it to put the unit together. Installation can easily be carried out by a single person.  However, if you have assembled the unit away from its intended place in the room, you may need another person’s help when carrying it to the intended position since it is heavy.

Safety Features

A wall anchor is included in all orders of the Crawford slim fireplace.  This is to prevent accidental toppling of the fireplace. Another safety feature is its timer function that you can set between 30 minutes to 8 hours. With the timer, you need not worry about having your electric fireplace turned on for the whole night. You can also program the built-in thermostat to the desired room temperature you wish to achieve. Safety triggers will go off and the unit will automatically shut down in case the unit keeps on emitting high heat.

Warranty and Purchase Options

On, Real Flame’s Crawford slim electric fireplace retails for as low as $498.99 to as high as $529. If you want to save up, be sure to look for a reputable online seller with the lowest price. Also, note that offers on Amazon are eligible for free shipping and a one year warranty.

If you want further savings when getting a slim electric fireplace, you can purchase used or refurbished units on Amazon. They are cheaper but may not come with a service warranty. Buying a refurbished fireplace is ideal for those who want to use the fireplace more as a living room design piece than as an electric heater.

Why You Need an Electric Fireplace

Electric heaters or fireplaces can become a necessity especially if you are living in cold areas and experience harsh winters. Electric fireplaces offer warmth without the additional maintenance associated with using a traditional fireplace or gas burners. Electric fireplaces are also highly energy efficient. You can save a lot on your monthly heating bills and help the environment at the same time.

On the other hand, electric fireplaces can also become statement pieces for your bedrooms or living rooms. Most faux fireplaces made today are becoming more and more aesthetically-pleasing without losing their functionality just like the Real Flame Crawford electric fireplace.

In the end, you will need an electric fireplace that will complement what you need for your home and for yourself. Hopefully, this guide allows you to make an informed choice on that matter.

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