Regal Portable Electric Fireplace by e-Flame Review

Electric fireplaces aren’t limited to wall-mounted or freestanding types. There are now vintage-styled fireplaces that work just like any electric fireplace. Moreover, they add character to any room you place them in. Perhaps you have only seen them in movies or in old houses, but now, electric portable vintage fireplaces are as commonplace as any type of faux fireplace.

Just look at E-Flame’s Regal Portable Electric Fireplace. It is another kind of freestanding fireplace patterned after vintage wood stoves. It also retains countless features that most modern fireplaces are now known for.


Regal Vintage Fireplace Features at a Glance

  • Uses 1500 Watts electricity
  • Heats up rooms up to 400 square feet (Perfect for Zone Heating)
  • CSA Certified
  • Classic Vintage Design
  • Realistic Flame
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Quite Fan that Vents Out Heat
  • Adjustible Heating Options

The Fireplace Design

The E-Flame Regal Vintage electric fireplace is designed after old metal stoves that use wood as fuel. In this modernized version, the Regal Vintage fireplace still looks like an old wood stove; however, it is now powered by electricity. This freestanding fireplace has metal mesh covering it, and a metal heat vent with synthetic resin material making up the rest of the fireplace’s body. The fireplace legs are made of sturdy plastic.

The unit is available in two colors: matte black finish and white finish. The black matte finish looks more elegant and as close to how old wood stoves looks like. However, if your home décor calls for a white-colored vintage fireplace, go for the one with white finish.

The Regal Vintage electric fireplace has a flat back and circular front, making it a versatile piece of furniture since this allows you to place the fireplace in corners or anywhere you please. It is 25 inches wide and 22 inches high. The whole fireplace weighs roughly 23 pounds.

Pro tip: Installation is easy and is a one man (or woman) job. The entire fireplace is already set up except for the four tiny legs that you need to attach at the bottom portion. After that, viola! You have your new vintage style electric fireplace!

Flame Display Believability

Inside the fireplace, there is a flame display simulation, which utilizes e-Flame’s proprietary 3D technology and two 40 watt bulbs. The flame display screen features burning logs and embers that will light up when the flame display is turned on.

Overall, the setup looks more realistic when you close the fireplace door and look at the fire through the metal mesh. It has one of the most beautiful-looking fires for freestanding corner fireplaces.

Heating Capacity

The Regal Vintage electric fireplace has a maximum efficiency of 1500 Watts. Its heat comes from coil heaters embedded into the unit’s mechanism. The heat is released through blower fans located at the bottom front portion of the fireplace. The entire fireplace is elevated on four tiny legs so you need not worry about the heat blowing directly on your carpeted floor.  If you are still not comfortable with this setup, you can elevate the fireplace using a baseboard but that is not necessary.

Just like other freestanding fireplaces, the Regal Vintage electric fireplace has two heat settings – high heat and low heat and you have the option to turn off the heat while still having the flame display on. However, unlike other electric fireplaces, the e-Flame Regal Vintage fireplace does not have a remote control so you need to turn on/off these features on the switches found in the unit itself.

Safety Features

This e-Flame USA Regal electric fireplace is CSA certified so you are ensured that the unit adheres to the strictest safety and quality control. The unit comes with a 2-meter power cord so that you can find an exclusive standard wall outlet to plug it in.

Warranty and Pricing Options

When looking for a good deal on the e-flame Regal Electric Fireplace, you should first check if sellers offer free shipping and any service warranty. You can save a lot of time and money if the unit is just shipped to your home, instead of picking it up somewhere.

The Regal fireplace typically retails between $229 and $246 at and they also offer free shipping on most orders. Sometimes, sellers discount their prices and the Regal Fireplace can sell at a discounted rate of only $159.99, so always be on the lookout for these price cuts from time to time.

As for service warranty, most electronic products will include a free one year warranty. However, if you have purchased used or refurbished units, they do not typically come with a warranty guarantee.

Those are the most important things you should know about e-Flame’s Regal Vintage Electric Fireplace. Let this knowledge mull over your head and, perhaps, one of these days, it will dawn on you that the Regal fireplace is the best choice for you and your home.

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