SEI Elkmont Salem Freestanding Electric Fireplace Review

The SEI Elkmont Salem Electric Fireplace is one of those fireplaces that you will think was a real fireplace. Perhaps it is because of its mantel design or maybe it’s because of its flame display. Either way, the Elkmont Salem electric fireplace from Southern Enterprises, Inc should be one of your top choices when looking for a freestanding electric fireplace. Here’s why:

Features – At a Glance


  • Heating Power: 1500 Watts
  • Includes Self-Regulating and High-Capacity Heater
  • Perfect for supplemental zone heating in rooms with 400 square meter area
  • Sturdy Mantel Made from Wood and other materials
  • Adjustable Flames and Logs Settings
  • Includes Child Lock Feature
  • Can Support up to 85 lbs additional overhead weight
  • Includes Remote Control

Elkmont Salem Electric Fireplace Design

If you want a fireplace that looks like those country home styled traditional fireplaces, then the Salem Electric Fireplace is the perfect example. This freestanding fireplace is available in two finishes: mahogany and Salem antique oak.

It is made up mostly of real oak wood but other parts contain combinations of medium density fiberboard (MDF), ash veneer, and glass, resin, and metal for the firebox. The wooden mantel frame is also specifically designed to include worm holes and imperfections to add charm to the fireplace. The entire unit weighs only about 36 pounds. Aside from the wooden mantle, the Elkmont Salem’s firebox is ringed with alternating earth-toned and dark tiles. The tile work seems to curve at the upper portion of the firebox until it tapers and replaced by the oak wood mantel.

Overall, the fireplace is 45.5 inches wide, 40 inches tall, and 14.5 inches deep; while the firebox measures 23 inches wide and 20 inches tall. The manual control switches are located at the upper right portion of the firebox.

Flame Display Believability

The Elkmont Salem electric fireplace features flame and log settings that you can adjust based on intensity and color to give off a more authentic fire. The left and right sides of the firebox are even lined with faux brickwork to make it seem like it’s a real hearth. It also has LED lights that can serve as side lights. By and large, this fireplace provides an authentic fireplace that looks good in dim light that matches the distressed wooden look of its mantel.

Heating Capacity

This SEI Elkmont Salem fireplace can generate up to 1500 Watts of heat, enough to provide additional heating to a 400 square feet room. Heat is circulated outside the unit through tiny vents located at the upper portion of the firebox. There is a border of metal meshwork where the unit’s blower fans lets the heat escape.

You can adjust the heat either through the unit’s manual controls or through its remote control. You can program the thermostat in intervals of 4 degrees from 62 to 82 degrees. You can also turn off the heating option if you just want to enjoy the flames and flickering embers or if the weather is not too cold.

Safety Features

One of the built-in safety features of the Elkmont Salem fireplace is the Child Lock feature. This ensures that young children are unable to press and change the manual switch buttons by themselves. Another thing that makes this fireplace safe for pets and children is its firebox’s glass panel that does not become hot to touch.

The fireplace also has a temperature limiter switch, which automatically turns off the unit in case it reaches dangerously high temperatures. You can also utilize the unit’s built-in timer to prevent it from overheating after prolonged use.

Pricing Options and Customer Service

On, the SEI Elkmont Salem Electric Fireplace costs between $410 and $440. This will include free shipping and a one year service warranty. Other sellers may offer used and refurbished units at a lower price but this may not come with warranty or free shipping.

Southern Electronics Inc is one of the companies that stand by their products and they have a good customer service team.  If you have any issues with the fireplace you’ve received, you can contact amazon (if purchased through the site) or you can call the company’s customer service hotline directly.

Installation Options

Since the Elkmont Salem fireplace is a freestanding fireplace, its components may come in different packages and will require assembly. No worries since a step-by-step guide are included in the package. If you are not used to assembling heavy furniture, it is best to ask for another person’s help especially when moving the fireplace to its intended location.

The Right Electric Fireplace

The right freestanding electric fireplace will largely depend on your needs and personal preferences, but hopefully, this guide was able to steer you to the right path in terms of electric fireplace selection.  Just remember that for a freestanding fireplace, there is nothing better than SEI’s Elkmont Salem Electric Fireplace.

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