SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace Review

SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace Review

A true American home is never complete without a comfortable couch and a warm fireplace in sight. During winter, when it’s blistering cold outside, it’s nice to cozy up in a heated atmosphere of your living room with your family.

Thanks to modern technology, people can now enjoy the beauty and relaxing benefits of a fireside without having to suffer hazardous fumes of the conventional type. There are many designs to choose from that will suit your taste and your home’s interior.

An electric fireplace is now the better alternative. Here’s why:


This seems to be its best feature. Because the firebox only uses images of flames, a modern fireside does not use gas and does not emit smoke. We need not worry about breathing in dangerous vapors, especially for the small kids.

The most important concern when there’s a normal fireplace is the children’s safety. They might get too close to the flames and hurt themselves, especially the adventurous types, even pets. This will not happen if you have an electric fire console in place instead.


Owning a modern hearth can potentially lower your electric bill during winter because you can use less of your home’s main heating system. With your new unit to supplement heat and keep your room warm, it can save you huge expense on energy.

Low Cost and Maintenance

The cost of a regular hearth can amount to tens of thousands depending on the design. With a modern unit, you only spend hundreds, not thousands.

It is also easy to maintain it. You don’t have to set up or clean up a chimney, or purchase firewood every time.

It is easy to shut it down, just unplug. Just like any electric appliance, as long as you know how to manage it, your electric bill will not shoot up.

Easy to Install

As it doesn’t release smoke, there is no need to install a vent. There is no need to knock down a wall. Just choose a model that matches your home. It could be a free-standing fireplace, wall mount or an insert. It could even be part of your entertainment center. It all depends on how you want to use it.

For example, a wall mount or an insert can be easily moved from your living room to your bedroom when you sleep at night.

There are many products out there that you may want to consider. Here’s why the SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace, Espresso deserves your attention:

SEI Narita Media Console is ideal for those who want to have a modern fireplace and a storage space at the same time. It can serve as the highlight of your room. It has top shelves ideal for your TV and other entertainment appliances. It also has adjustable cabinets on the side which serves as space for other gadgets, books, or what-have-you’s.

Reviews from buyers show that they are quite happy with their purchase. Many are impressed with the beautiful design of the media console as it complements their living area. One was pleased to note that the item is sturdy and its glass doors keep dust off their gadgets. Another customer noted she gets compliments whenever she has company.

The image of red-hot flames, logs and embers flicker and sputter to imitate a real fire and to create a warm mood that visually satisfies. You may want to dim down or brighten up the scene by using a remote control that comes with the whole pack.

Another safety feature of this product is that it doesn’t overheat because of its self-regulating device. No need to worry about your children’s safety as the firebox doesn’t heat up and is always cool to touch. The remote control may be used to conveniently adjust the heat.

The body of the entertainment center looks classy as it is made of poplar wood and oak veneer with metal details in antique bronze finish. One user recommends using a wood polish on the entertainment stand to bring out its espresso finish.

As with any other electric fireplace, this one is eco-friendly. It has no smoke emission since it has no need for wood or fuel to run it.

For those conscious of their electric bill, it is good to know that it will only cost you 25 cents per hour of use. Knowing that, you can plan your usage.

The assembly for this product is easy. Users who reviewed the product attested to this. A 25-year old lady said she finished hers in three hours because she took her time. Another guy said it took him half that time to assemble his. Even the oldies can set it up, one senior confirmed.

SEI Narita is a product of Southern Enterprises, Inc. It uses long-lasting LED lights that comes with a one-year service warranty.

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