Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

For those who are considering purchasing an electric fireplace, many people would recommend the best-selling Touchstone 50” Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace. According to satisfied consumers, it is one of the finest in its class. Since its overall performance is nothing short of brilliant, it is a great addition to a room – be it the living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Touchstone 50 Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

Prior to buying a Touchstone’s electric fireplace, why not find out more information about it?

About the Fireplace

The 50” Touchstone Onyx Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace is an indoor product that can create a bold statement inside a variety of architectural designs. Regardless of the type, it can increase the attractiveness of a room. Since the name behind it is Touchstone (a reliable manufacturer of home products), rest assured that it comes in excellent quality. Since it earned the approval of the CSA (or Canadian Standard Association), you can be sure that it meets industry requirements

Like most electric fireplaces, it offers practical advantages. Without smoke and flame, it delivers the benefits of a fireplace. It can provide much better air quality, it is a space saver, and it is relatively affordable. Especially if your residential area is a closed unit, it is ideal. Since it doesn’t produce undesirable smell and emissions of sorts, it can be good for the environment, too.

Product Details: Specifications, Features, Pros & Cons, Cost


  • 5” (L) X 50.4” (W) X 21.6” (diagonal H) fireplace dimensions
  • 75” (W) X 8.5” (H) fireplace viewing area
  • 50 lbs. item weight
  • Touchstone 80001 model
  • Made of glass and steel
  • 120 V
  • 11+ Ampere
  • With 1500 W remote control


  • 5 flame effects (subtle glowing embers flame effect to full-fire flame effect)
  • Blower
  • Easily mountable Touchstone brackets (2 pieces)
  • Dual-mode automatic shut off; allows with heat and without heat operations
  • Heats small and medium rooms (up to 400 sq. feet)
  • Heat-disable switch
  • LED-generated lighting
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Timer for pre-set usage of 30 minutes to 7.5 hours
  • Varied heat settings (high and low)


  • Its adjustable flame effects (5 levels) can suit your flame effect preference.
  • Its LED-generated lighting offers energy-saving and long-lasting advantages.
  • Its programmable thermostat allows you to easily set the current temperature according to your mood.
  • Its versatile design can beautify traditional and contemporary rooms.
  • Since it creates realistic flames, it can cause relaxation effects.
  • Since it consumes relatively low energy, you can enjoy low-cost operations.
  • Since it features a heat-disable switch, overheating (with idle use) isn’t a concern.
  • Since it features a timer, you can leave it on for a pre-determined time.
  • Since it features varied heat settings, you can adjust the temperature according to heat level preference.
  • Since its glass frame remains cool even during prolonged use, it doesn’t warrant accidents (due to hot surface exposure).


  • It can be rather heavy; compared to other electric fireplaces, its bulkiness is a disadvantage.
  • Since the plug and cord can be an eyesore, you’d have to figure out a means to make these invisible.


Granted you follow instructions, you can install the Touchstone indoor fireplace in less than an hour. Usually, a single person can finish the job, which is comparable to the task of hanging a big mirror on the wall. You can start by deciding on the suitable placement location –not less than 24” from the ceiling. Simply mount one of the inclusive mount brackets to a wall. Afterwards, securing the product with 3 drywall screws wraps up the installation.

Consumer Feedback

Touchstone 50 Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review2

The indoor 50” Onyx Touchstone Fireplace comes with numerous positive reviews. Many of them admit that initially, they bought the product merely to be an aesthetic indoor solution; since it looks nice, they wanted it for their place. However, sometime after, they discovered that its performance is impressive. With its functionality, it continues to impress consumers. For them, it is outstanding; it exceeds their expectations.

For some consumers, however, the electric fireplace could use improvement. Its heat production may be okay, but it can be even better. Since the hot air distribution register is only about 6” by 2”, it doesn’t dissipate sufficient warmth. According to them, additional registers (maybe 2 or 3) would resolve the concern. While it can be a good choice for others, they may opt for another Touchstone product, instead.

Conclusion: Is the Fireplace worth Purchasing?

Yes, the 50” Onyx Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace from Touchstone is worth purchasing. It offers convenience and promotes maximum heat productivity. Its design doesn’t compromise safety, too. For its price, it delivers value. Compared to purchasing another product in the category, it promises an excellent deal. With proper use, it can last decades.

In addition, to enhance the experience after the electric fireplace’s installation, you can shop for a couple of recommended accessories. For no more than $40, you can buy a crackling machine (for realistic sound effects) and wire covers. If there is a wall-mounted TV in the room, you can mimic many consumers’ popular style!

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